Comment Policy

My commenting rules are simple. Be constructive, whether you support a view or not. Be polite and, depending on the subject, offer something useful to the conversation. I get lots of comments like “Great article!” and “Awesome post!” that look suspiciously like spam and get deleted. If you don’t want to be deleted then please make a reference to the post.

I’m all for an intelligent discussion of opposing views but if you have nothing to back yourself up with, you resort to personal attacks, you bombard me with stupidity, or you try to antagonize me or guest writers then you will be verbally destroyed if you’re worth it, or just listed as spam if you’re a nobody. That’s all there is to it.

Comments from any of the following:

  • Religious zealots
  • Angry Tea Party members
  • Angry white women
  • Angry Asian men
  • Racists
  • Morons
  • My ex girlfriend
  • Anyone else who breaks the rules

are unwelcome and will be subject to moderation. I don’t want to hear any crying about it either. Repeat violators will get the banhammer.

UPDATE: Due to recent twattish behavior, if you post an unforgivably idiotic comment, you will also be subject to moderation. I just had some twat who fills his site with poorly drawn and unfunny comics try to argue about racism in China with an African American woman and two white guys currently living in China despite the fact that the twat had never been there or done any research on the issue. Total idiocy.


  1. […] Comment Policy […]

  2. […] Comment Policy […]

  3. *snickers* This is pure awesomeness, James. :-D My ‘comment policy’ is off in my sidebar, but it’s not nearly as clever or perfect as yours. I definitely feel the same way, though. Intelligently debate me. Fabulous. That’s how we learn & grow. I’ve even been known to go back & admit I was overly harsh after having such intelligent debate or simply after reading another person’s post on the same or similar subject. I realize I can be quite opinionated or just downright evil at times (more when I first began blogging nearly 6 months ago than now), so backlash is to be expected, but generally speaking, I at least back up the venom with links to the original things that inspired the rant. Like you, though, I expect nothing less from those commenting with differing opinions. If we all thought the same way about various topics, this Universe would be one boring place. Just be intelligent about it, please. Major kudos to you for having such an excellent comment policy.

  4. This is the funniest policy I’ve ever read! Brilliant! Really, you should make a weekly post, like, Angry Tea Party Member of the Week…Racist of the Week…Moron of the Week….anyone who breaks policy. That would be a hit!

  5. Funniest thing. your commenting rules are very nice.

  6. Your comment policy made me giggle. I have a policy, too. But it’s completely objective and a secret.

  7. Drats–I meant *subjective* …and still secret.

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