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China’s Anti-Japan Hypocrisy

I watched from the 9th floor window of my office building as thousands of protesters walked down the street, railing against Japanese “imperialism”. They were of course being shadowed by a force of several hundred riot police decked out in full tactical gear. Ever since tensions flared up over control of the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands, a group of rocky, uninhabited islands between the 2 major economies, the CCP has let protests rage across China. However, this is a double-edged sword. 

All it takes is a little spark. Now the people are protesting Japan. But at the drop of a hat it could change focus and be directed at government inaction, skyrocketing housing prices or corruption. Whenever that appears to happen, the police rush in with water cannons and batons. So who is the real enemy of China? It seems many of the educated people I meet are aware of where the real threat lies (somewhere in Beijing) but the vast majority of the protesters are sheep who blindly follow the propaganda coming from CCTV, a well-known government mouthpiece. This is very foolish.

Many Chinese, including the educated ones, are under the false belief that China owned the Diaoyu Islands in ancient times. Firstly, this should have no bearing on their present ownership. If it were Chinese then Chinese people could go there. BUT, just a few weeks ago, some Chinese tried to land on one of the islands but were arrested by the Japanese Coast Guard. Then some Japanese people go and nothing happens to them. If you can’t go to some islands that you own because another country will arrest you then those islands really don’t belong to you, do they? 

Secondly, even rudimentary research of the islands, which is never done by most Chinese because they’ve been fed the government line since high school, will reveal that it was never directly controlled by China. Ever. They were instead under the jurisdiction of the island kingdom of Ryukyu (1429-1879), which was based on Okinawa and conquered by Japan in 1879. In history, Ryukyu was a tributary state of Ming China. This means that it paid tribute to China and adopted some Chinese-style administration practices, making it a satellite state of sorts, but never becoming a part of Chinese territory.

This of course runs contrary to what the Communist Party says and they have now chosen to deliberately distort history to suit their current ambitions, which include shaming Japan and nabbing the massive oil reserves and fishing grounds in the island’s Exclusive Economic Zone. In fact, it wasn’t until 1968 when the People’s Republic of China started fighting over the islands. Coincidentally, this is also the same year that oil was discovered near the islands. Go figure. 

Thirdly, the idea that land belongs to a country because they owned it hundreds of years ago is incredibly childish. By that thinking, Mongolia would currently control all of China and Mexico would have half of the US. This is the thought process the government is trying to instill in the people. It’s backwards and lazy thinking. 

In addition to these points I’ve raised about why China’s claims are ridiculous, the average Chinese person is heavily dependent on Japanese goods and the society as a whole is largely in love with Japan. Go up to any one of the protesters and you’re guaranteed to find Sony phones and cameras, you’ll find that many of them drive Japanese cars, many of them watch anime or read manga, and almost all of them love sushi. Given the opportunity to emigrate to Japan, many of them would likely take it. So what is it about Chinese people that makes them hate Japan so much (aside from the obvious historical conflicts)? 

I’ve mentioned it before. It’s the continuous victim mentality propaganda spouted by the government. And, for better or worse, whenever a student starts going on and on about how bad Japan is, I tell them how much I like Japan and why they’re the stupidest person in the world for falling for the CCP’s lies. Maybe they’ll think I’m an ignorant foreigner or maybe, just maybe, they’ll go and learn the facts for themselves. If I can get just one person to actively seek the truth for themselves then my time here (almost a year now) would have been worth it.


  1. Puerto Rico , Guam , Philippines, Okinawa , Panama Canal Zone, Texas, California , Guantanamo .

  2. And, for better or worse, whenever a person starts going on and on about how bad Israel is, I tell them how much I like Israel and why they’re the stupidest person in the world for falling for the MSM’s (esp. BBC) lies. Maybe they’ll think I’m an ignorant foreigner or maybe, just maybe, they’ll go and learn the facts for themselves…

    • Meh. I don’t particularly care for Israel (the government).

      • Physician, heal thyself!

  3. Protestors in Shanghai were raising up a storm outside the Japanese Consulate in over the weekend. It seems like the riot police were escorting them directly to the gates. “Don’t get lost! , We’ll show you the way!” If the cries of “Go to Hell , Japanese Devils!” were replaced by “Remember Tiananmen” or “Democracy” the tables would quickly be turned and the protests shut down immediately and forcibly. Let the population burn its anger against another country instead of the injustices the ccp has done against their own citizens.

    • Now there’s also evidence that the protesters weren’t even locals. Many of them were bused in from somewhere. In Guangzhou, many of them didn’t speak the local Cantonese and they didn’t have subway passes. EVERYONE in GZ has a subway pass. Get a few crazy agents in the group to whip the others up into a frenzy. Classic.

      • What do you think the point of that is? Are the protests still going on?

      • Distract people from real issues by stirring up trouble over BS. This is a really common tactic most governments use. For example, the US tries to use terrorists as a boogeyman in order to further erode civil freedoms. From what I’ve seen, they’ve petered out in GZ but could start back up if someone high up gives the go ahead.

  4. Still waiting for that post on the arrest

  5. So happy to find the fair consideration about this issue. I visited China more than 10 times and met educated peoples. They are very calm, clever and always kind to me. The most of them knows about their comunist government’s lie. Of course they don’t forget past Japanese military’s behavior, but it should not pursue current generation persistently.
    Reversely, all the Japanese should reconsider past cruel history exactly and educate “What was done to China by Japnese military in the past” to the children. Past repetition never create our future. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the reasonable comment. It looks like maybe some Japanese historical revisionists don’t approve of your assertion that Japan did any war crimes, seeing as how you have a bunch of thumbsdowns. I’ll try to help even it out.

  6. Very well laid out points! I’m sure glad wordpress can only be accessed through VPN, because, well, China wouldn’t like your opinions very much and who knows what they would do….hahaha (nervous laughter)

    Here on the Tsinghua campus seems to be relative peace among the Chinese and Japanese students…perhaps because there is dialogue, an international presence, a sense of community, and oh you know, that little thing called education. It must be crazy for you to witness the violent protests as an American, because we rarely see such chaos fueled by hatred (at least in such large numbers…we definitely see them in little pockets). At least it was weird and eye-opening for me.

    • Maybe there’s a better atmosphere in your campus. Or maybe the locals aren’t brave enough to criticize Japan in front of Japanese people. And I think I may have said it before, there’s evidence that some government officials paid protesters money to show up and bused them in from different cities.

  7. The “People’s Daily” writes it as “the Ryukyu archipelago including the Senkaku Islands” in 1953, and it is writing “Ryukyu cannot be carved with the fight whose Japanese people gain independence, democracy, and peace.”

    # “Ryukyu” = Okinawa

  8. […] China’s Anti-Japan Hypocrisy ( […]

  9. China where a dog of the rabies totally runs away from a cage, and an anti-Japan terrorist seems to act violently is a haunt of the geeks
    The global community does not know the true Chinese figure

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