Posted by: beaufortninja | August 1, 2012

Started a New Blog (Again)

Nothing like a cute kitten to usher in a new blog.

I know I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit with this site but I’ve been very very busy lately. I know that’s a generic excuse that bloggers use but I’m serious. I’ve been getting lots of writing work lately and I’d like to get more. So I started a portfolio website called The Impatient Pen. Kind of a weird name, huh? Well it was The Dancing Pen. And then The Silver Pen. And several others. But they were all taken and I started to get really annoyed. So then I got the idea for it and rolled with it. I think it works out in a nonsensical way.

Whenever you apply for a writing job, chances are they’ll ask to see samples of your work. I thought it was a bit unprofessional to just attach MS Word documents to my emails so I embarked on a quest of epic magnitude. My goal right now is to build a slick and professional writing portfolio that’ll help me get more work. I’ve already started. Go check out my new story, “A Very Judo Wedding.” It’s pretty awesome.


  1. Would you say you’re more into creative writing or technical writing? Im very bad at creative writing, but I love to write non-fiction.

    • Both. I’m currently working on a series of short adventure stories. Might make them into a novella or novel if they get too big. But it all depends on how often I can devote time to writing them.

  2. Sweet. Extra G-Dub humor!

  3. James, The crazy pen would be more suitable to your word-press blog.


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