Posted by: beaufortninja | July 31, 2012

Enduring the Chinese Summer

It might not seem proper to whine about the heat when half of the US is baking under record temperatures but I’ll go for it. It’s really hot in Guangdong province. Just a few months ago, the weather was so nice it totally made me forget I’m living in a tropical climate. I’ve been to some places around here that look like they’re straight out of the Jungle Book.

And with that heat comes sweat. Sweat is the bane of the white man. Not only does it make you look like what many Chinese people think you are, a big sweaty foreigner, it also makes you smell. Think you’re going to wear those pants again tomorrow? I wouldn’t count on it. Unless you don’t mind smelling like a moldy jockstrap.

Our travels have been temporarily put on hold until the weather cools down. Our grand plans of visiting the massive zoo in Panyu district would be wasted since the animals would all be hiding in the shade. Guangdong’s famous “city of sin”, Dongguan, is also out of the question due to the travel time and walking around.

Recent typhoons that have hit nearby have dumped buckets of water on the city for days at a time and once the sun comes out, it turns the entire region into a sauna for weeks at a time. Luckily, our apartment comes equipped with an air conditioner but sometimes even that’s not enough. I’m ready for the winter time. Dear God, please let it come soon.


  1. How does it compare to summer in SC?

  2. It’s been a strange summer in Shanghai so far this year. Actual blue skies , white puffy clouds , and a shocking lack of humidity compared to the previous years I’ve been here. I think perhaps the typhoons in Guangdong and super flooding in Beijing have conspired to make Shanghai’s summer OK. Sorry for your suffering :)

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