Posted by: beaufortninja | July 19, 2012

Finally Broke Down and Got an iPad

The new iPad is awesome. We picked 2 of them in Hong Kong for just over 11,000 HKD, which is around 9,000RMB. Good thing I’ve been saving up for a while. In the end, I think the purchase was well worth it since it keeps my wife from getting bored which in turn makes me a much happier man! I could be lame and do a review of the iPad but there are already hundreds of thousands of those floating around on the internet so suffice to say, go buy one now. You won’t regret it.

But that’s not all. I also found a website recently called . This site lets you download thousands of books for FREE!!!!! I’ve already downloaded about 200 or so to my iPad. And it’s completely legit too. All the books have expired copyrights so now they’re in the public domain. There are many genres to choose from and you can download them in many different formats to suit your needs. They’ve got classics by heavy-weights like Jules Verne, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain and H.P. Lovecraft. You’re welcome.

So far, my favorite apps are:

Kingdom Rush: Really cool tower defense game with a unique cartoon design and really well done but gets amazingly hard towards the later stages. Like, Ninja Gaiden hard.

Where’s My Water?: At first, I was put off when I saw the Disney label but they actually made a really fun and interesting puzzle game where you have to help an alligator take a shower. No joke.

Risk: Ah. The old fashioned board game makes the leap to the tablet and it’s glorious. Even though it feels like the computer is deliberately setting you up for defeat at times, this is probably the most addicting game I have.

Zombie Gunship: Kill zombies and save civilians while raining death(again) from the skies in a C-130 gunship. I love it.

Infinity Blade: Hack n’ slash epic consisting of duels fought by swiping your finger across the screen. Amazing graphics and challenging game play ensure hours of infuriating combat.

National Geographic World Atlas: Very detailed and informative atlas software that has short bios for all countries and is really handy to have in class.

iBooks: Gotta have somewhere to store all those books I downloaded! It’s also really intuitive.

Epicurious: A massive digital cookbook that ensures I’ll have new food to try cooking for years to come.

Angry Birds: I love all of the Angry Birds games. It’s goofy and silly and stupid and I love it.

World War II Interactive: I’m a huge history nerd and there’s lots of info and videos on this app to educate just about anyone.

Trollolol: Take your photos and make them into internet memes. I’ve had hours of fun with this bizarre app.

Bejeweled: The computer classic is tried and true. It’s also highly addicting and has made me wonder what happened to all of my lunch breaks.

UFO on Tape: This simple game has one goal. Take video for as long as you can of a UFO as it zips around. You have to physically follow it’s movements with your iPad so don’t expect to sit and relax when you play.

Endless War: A classic arcade game about a lone plane fighting against hordes of vile alien invaders. Also highly addicting. Here’s a tip. Go with the plasma cannon! It’s unstoppable!

Autumn Dynasty: A unique real time strategy game which is really a fantasy version of ancient China. It’s gained a lot of attention for it’s cool design style so be sure to have a look.

Bullistic Unleashed: You slingshot bulls by the balls and try to do as much damage in a shopping center as possible. Can’t make that up.


  1. enjoy :) am sticking with old netbook with half my keys missing lol, at least till more cash flow :}

  2. What, no plants vs. zombies? This is my addiction for when I need a mental break (I shamefully admit!).

    • Nice. I’m super addicted to Risk. That’s my go-to game when I need to take a quick break from something.

  3. I love the iPad – it is so awesomely awesome! Another program worth noting to any cat owners is Paint for Cats – both my cat and dog love using the $800 device for that app. Yes, I am ridiculous and my dog wears a vest. :D

  4. You HAVE to get PVZ, dude! (Plants vs. Zombies)

    • Got it for my wife. She says it’s rad but I still haven’t played it yet!

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