Posted by: beaufortninja | June 11, 2012

Exceptionalism Blinds Many Americans’ View of China

There’s an article published over at the World News Tribune which was written by a guy named Lev Navrozov in which he tells a story about a human rights activist who campaigned against the Chinese government on issues such as the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. The activist eventually marries a nice Chinese woman in California, loses his job, and decides to move to China at the behest of his wife’s family.

The rest of the article is Navrozov ranting about how he was shocked that an activist would consider moving to China despite knowing all the bad things that the Communist Party has done.

“We just refused to believe that after having been so active in exposing and criticizing the dictatorial regime in communist China, fully aware of the atrocities perpetrated by the Chinese rulers against human dignity, they decided to go live in that country. I would believe that, if they were ignorant people and did not know any better. But not they! I tried to dissuade them, but all to no avail. I did not want to do anything with them, stopped speaking to them and would not pick up the phone.”

The author tries to infringe upon the young man’s God given freedom of choice, thereby violating the very values that he claims China doesn’t allow. And when the man tries to contact him later on, they’re friends mind you, Navrozov refuses to answer the phone and pretends he doesn’t exist. Seems like a reasonable reaction to me. And then, when the man returns after 5 years in China, the author refuses to consider that maybe he learned something about the country that can’t be learned by angrily typing away on a keyboard.

“Last week we heard from him again. He said that he and his family are back to the United States. The company he worked for in China went out of business. They are expecting a third child. He asked my wife if there is anything he could do for me — for example, doing some research on China. Because, he said, he now knows the country so much better.

I heard what was a very long conversation. I heard my wife passionately arguing with him when at the other end he was saying that we don’t understand that country, that it is now the most peaceful country in the world because the Chinese military is not engaged in any military conflict. Things have changed there, he went on to say. The pro-human rights wing of the Communist Party is taking over: Falun Gong people are no longer persecuted, the blind human rights activist and his family are on their way to the United States, and more: the Chinese communists are downsizing their army — actually they would keep only a tiny army well equipped with the latest technology for defense purposes only.”

The author goes on to say, “It is the Westerners like him, born and bred American, raised in freedom, who had a chance to have lived and worked for 5 years in China, doesn’t get it. We knew quite a few Americans in Russia who for years lived and worked there and had no idea how the system worked.”

There are so many things wrong with this guy’s thought process but this isn’t the first time he’s gotten to post this kind of nonsense. He has a long history of trying to start a new Red Scare and the fact that he thinks he can understand a country by staying home and raging against its government is beyond me. In fact, just about everything he accuses China of doing could equally be leveled against the US, which he claims to love so much.

Listen to this paragraph from the same article.

“The moral of my story is that if a Westerner finds himself/herself in a slave society such as is China, he/she should not look for signs of something that is familiar to them and mimics their own free country. Rather they should try to understand the workings of that secretive communist system and get the answers to what is hiding beyond the regime’s skillful deceitful propaganda masquerading its masters’ actual intentions to perpetuate their communist regime at the cost of destroying Western freedom.”

Substitute “communist” for “representative democratic” at the end and that sounds like the current American regime, doesn’t it? Lev Navrozov is either stupid or willfully ignorant if he can honestly sit there and critique China on its human rights when the US is responsible for tens of millions of unnecessary deaths over the last 50 years. The current US government is more secretive than ever and is systematically eroding the civil rights which Nazrozov thinks makes America so much more superior than China.

And that brings me to my next point. This guy doesn’t know anything about China. This “slave” society is actually much freer than most Westerners suspect and the majority of people don’t trust or believe in the government. This idea that everyone here is brainwashed is completely overblown and it’s shocking that “experts” like Navrozov haven’t figured that out yet.

So, that leaves me with the burning question, what is he trying to accomplish with this article? I seriously doubt the man who moved to China is real. The story doesn’t add up. Is this just another attempt to make China into the new boogeyman since al Qaeda isn’t scary anymore? The government always needs an outside bad guy to keep the people afraid so they don’t start pointing the fingers at the real villains, the corrupt and ineffective politicians. That’s the real impression I got and it wasn’t even done well. The author took the spineless way out by closing comments but did provide his personal email address. It seems to me like he doesn’t want a public schooling from people who actually know about the issue. Regardless, you can be sure to find more fear mongering and misinformed drivel from Lev Navrozov soon.

Read the article here:

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