Posted by: beaufortninja | June 8, 2012

Weird Internet:

Want to see the best (worst?) racist comments captured from today’s social media? Then check out

This site catches the worst and stupidest people have to offer and it’s run by a really funny and down to earth guy. Check it out for a laugh or to see how disgusting people can be. Whichever you’re into. Here’s some choice samples:


  1. You just know that a sentence beginning with “I’m not racist but” will immediately follow with a racist comment.

    • Yep, that seems to be the rule. Congrats on the job by the way. I looked up some photos of the French Alps and I’m incredibly jealous of you.

      • Thank you, I’m really enjoying it and it looks just as lovely as in the photos :)

  2. I can’t even say what I’m thinking! :neutral:

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