Posted by: beaufortninja | June 6, 2012

1970: China and the USSR Wage War Over UFOs

In the spring of 1970, the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China weren’t exactly on good speaking terms due to a difference of opinion on the direction and future of communism, as well as a brief but bloody border dispute. Both sides engaged in a war of words, and then to add to that problem, both militaries observed numerous UFOs along their border areas.

On April 24, 1970, a Soviet bomber vanished without a trace during a flight from Moscow to Vladivostok while at the same time the Russian air traffic control picked up numerous UFOs on radar. All attempts to shoot them down met with failure and a rescue mission made up of over 200 aircraft and ground vehicles failed to find any trace of the downed bomber.

Soviet military analysts soon determined that the trajectory of the unidentified craft came from somewhere in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, 1,000 kilometers north of Ulan Bator but they originated from an area close to the Chinese border. Two days later, the Soviet military deployed three divisions accompanied by tanks, trucks and other heavy equipment to the border, saying that they were conducting routine spring maneuvers. China quickly followed suit and moved several divisions into place near the Mongolian frontier region on April 27, 1970.

Both countries scouted the UFO hotspot with spy planes in preparation for a strike and on April 28, 1970, Russia struck first with dozens of high altitude bombers which made hundreds of bombing runs on a secret Chinese base before moving ground forces in 2 days later. Chinese soldiers arrived on May 4.

Both Soviet and Chinese media reported a “minor border conflict” but the thousands of refugees from the bombed area tell horror stories of hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of dead and even the use of a tactical nuclear weapon. Additionally, it was claimed that a kilometer long, subterranean tunnel was discovered and destroyed but its builders and purpose remain a mystery.

So, what exactly were they fighting over? Surely it wasn’t over the border. Did they find something amazing and each side wanted it for itself? No one can say for sure. But something happened to those refugees and all of them couldn’t be lying, could they?


  1. I wanna know what that tunnel is. It still has to be there, right? Someone’s gotta go excavate. While we think UFO’s are only airborne, there’s plenty of documentation of subterranean UFO’s, as well as evidence of their existence beneath oceans. Great post!

    • There’s lots of obscure evidence of alien bases on the moon, in caves on Earth and in the deepest parts of the ocean. Wouldn’t be too crazy to think that they might have some bases in the middle of nowhere, Mongolia.

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