Posted by: beaufortninja | June 1, 2012

Douchebag of the Week: Spencer Angeltvedt

There’s a 99.9999999999999% chance you have no idea who this guy is but I think you should know about him anyway. Spence writes about animal abuse and climate-change and other issues along those lines which is fine and good. However, he’s a typical liberal in that if you don’t fully agree with whatever he says, he’ll attack you while claiming that he’s in the right. As you can see in the image below, I left a cordial comment merely pointing out some new research that has been stirring up some interesting debate. What is this guy’s first reaction? He calls me naive and then verbally abuses me, a guy who took time out of his busy day to read a site that had been recommended by a fellow blogger. There’s a word I’ve picked up in my time abroad for guys like that. Twat.

I can just picture this greasy twat staring at his computer screen, red in the face, furious that someone would dare question what he had written. I imagine the look of self-satisfaction as he writes up a crude and poorly structured retort, nit-picking a minor spelling error (actually a grammar error because it should have said “hasn’t”, also he didn’t capitalize “English” which is a proper noun.) and resorting to petty name-calling while at the same time saying that I was a child and belonged in elementary school (irony). He finishes hammering out his response and with a smirk, presses the enter button.

I commented on another post he did where he raged against Asian cultures where eating live animals is okay. Not only did he attack me for providing a reasonable viewpoint, but he also came across as a xenophobe. There was a real feeling of him trying to impose his “superior” white man’s culture against one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. So yeah, that made a lot of sense.

In regards to his accusations that my comment about global warming is untrue, here’s some supporting information with links in the off chance that Spence somehow reads this. I hope he does because it’s obvious that his idea of research is clicking the first few links off the initial search page of Google.

1. The polar bears are fine. There has been no mass extinction which climate alarmists were screaming about over the last few decades. Bear populations have remained steady in most places and drastically increased in several areas.

2. Climategate showed us that the global warming scientists are over-exaggerating the threat of climate change. Hackers stole emails and documents exposing doubts, manipulation and suppression of evidence, encouragement of violence and intimidation against skeptics, and attempts to disguise the truth. Most likely because studying climate change is a surefire way to rake in massive piles of grant money.

3. Russian scientists at one of Russia’s most prestigious universities have determined that global warming is ending. But you’ll never hear that from mainstream Western news.

4. There’s more sea ice than ever recorded which dispels claims that the northern and southern regions are melting away.

5. As evidence mounts that authorities are lying about the severity and consequences of climate change, climate skeptics and those who are unsure now outnumber believers by a wide margin.

6. Heroes of climate change advocacy are beginning to abandon ship as more and more holes are poked into the theory. Among them is the famous Gaia Theory scientist.

7. Also, 50 top astronauts, engineers and scientists with NASA signed a letter attacking the agency for promoting the man-made climate-change theory.

8. In addition, it’s been shown that climate skeptics know more about climate science than believers.

9. But of course Spence wouldn’t want anyone to know about these things. He’s the quintessential Eco-Fascist who probably advocates the burning down of skeptics’ homes like infamous climate alarmist Steve Zwick.

Hopefully as you can see, liberals like Spencer who claim to be championing their various causes are misled and are filled with a grandiose sense of self-importance, so much so that they feel the irresistible need to attack anyone with a differing opinion. And as can be expected, when faced with superior knowledge they resort to the age-old tactic of name-calling because they’re too weak to challenge their detractors any other way. People like Spencer are part of the cancer that’s killing the human race.

He earns the coveted Douchebag of the Week Award for misleading his readers, propagating disproved theories, being a lazy researcher, attacking a fellow blogger for having a valid point, and trying to correct an English teacher’s grammar while also using poor grammar. Add that to your sidebar.


  1. Love it. I especially love the use of the word ‘twat’! I’m guessing you picked that up from a Brit? That kind of bloke pops up all over the place whenever you look online for info on something like climate change, but they pop up on both sides of the argument. Some of the most vociferous and irrational attacks I’ve seen have come from the sceptics. I’m convinced that man-made climate change is going to have a major negative impact, at the very least, on the next few generations. Unfortunately, I’m just not motivated enough to answer every single one of your points. But I thought you might like to check out a few links from my favourite lefty UK rag about Climategate…

    Yours truly, a proper, decent, woolly-liberal

    • I picked “twat” and a few other words up from a Welsh Australian teacher at my school. If Spence had just disagreed in a normal, reasonable way, he wouldn’t have had the dishonor of receiving the award.

      I’m sure both sides have their wackos but I think it’s pretty alarming that skeptics are being likened to Nazis by believers now.

      Interesting links. But I’ve heard it all regarding the leak. Scientists try to downplay the incident, some get defensive and weird about it. Bleh. Point is, don’t always believe the official line. Everyone has to do their homework if they want to really understand an issue.

      Kudos to you for being a decent liberal!

  2. Well said, sir. The last time I heard about some cultural snob referring to cultures that eat live animals, I asked him if he liked lobster. Interesting look on his face :-).

    You did very well to hold your temper, I doubt I would have.

    • Thank you, sir! I was tempted to give him a verbal dressing down but that usually just leads to an annoying comment war which I have no particular interest in anymore.

      • Understand, and agree, but sometimes I think a dose of civility given might do them good. Of course, I know better.

    • FYI…I would NEVER EVER eat lobster, because of how they are inhumainely killed, in fact, I also do my part and I DO NOT EAT MEAT, as I do not support the killing of ANY animal. If only everyone was like me, we would be in a lot better shape, in the world!!

      • We can’t hear you from on top of your soap box.

  3. Climate alarmism is a faith, or quasi-religion. When you say something which goes against the faith, they attack you. This is common behavior in most faiths or religions. People are very offended if you question their faith, you would be too. This is a faith where they actually hope and pray that climate causes destruction and death. Last summer people were very disappointed when hurricane Irene fizzled out, rather than cause death and destruction like the alarmist faithful had hoped. When you watched the news outlets their dispointment was so obvious, it was disgraceful. What kind of bizarre religion is this?

  4. We need more people like you, James: eloquent, funny, and truthful.

    Spencer Angeltvedt, like all climate alarmists, has serious personal issues. Climate alarmism is rather like Scientology: the preachers making/saving millions of dollars don’t believe in the ‘religion’ at all. These people sometimes pretend they’re “saving the world” in order to attract funding and fame.

    Like gullible Scientologists who give away all their money, and climate alarmists who give up their weekends to protest outside the G20, Spencer Angeltvedt is giving up his time and patience on nasty blog comments. He should stop and read more.

    • Spencer is a young man who cares, plain and simple! He has absolutely no personal issues whatsoever, his only problem is that he cares too much!!

  5. Just wondering if you have seen the documentary film “An Inconvenient truth” by Al Gore ? Also you blame Spencer for attacking you while you say way worse things about him calling him “twat” “Douche bag” and “greasy” well thats very immature. Clearly Spencer has the biggest heart for animals and just wants to help spread awareness. Your quote “People like Spencer are part of the cancer that’s killing the human race.” well thats a bit over the top. At least Spencer takes the time to understand world issues. He does not have personal issues and doesn’t do this for fame he does it from his heart. You are just a hypocritical bully.

    • Al Gore is a member of organizations that would benefit greatly (make lots of money) from new environmental protection laws and is not the champion you think him to be.

      Spencer attacked me first. As you can see, I was cordial and then he attacked me. If he’s big enough to attack, then he’s big enough to take the heat afterwards.

      And how can he take the time to understand world issues when he was wrong? Can you understand something and still be wrong? I doubt it. And you call me hypocritical followed by an insult. Now who’s hypocritical? But whatever. You want to white knight for him then go for it.

      • Spencer is wrong because you said so??? Wow, you sure give yourself a lot of credit, don’t you? Why, because you are a teacher?? That does not mean a lot in the whole scheme of things, anyone can become a teacher, but it takes a great, intelligent person to be humble!

      • He’s wrong because I’ve done the research and know what I’m talking about. Obviously, that’s something you and he have no experience with. I give myself credit when it’s due. I see you’re quite riled up since you’ve seen fit to post nonsensical essays in response to several comments.

  6. I actually know him and he’s a friend of mine. What I find ridiculous is that you are saying how he is attacking you when you take time out of your day to write a long post about it and call him rude names which is so immature. Just get over it, people are allowed to disagree with you. Spencer is so passionate about animals and his anger is just from his love to help animals and educate people who are unaware. Posting about it is just making yourself look bad, and your only posting this to get people to agree and side with you. Get over it and move on! And if you don’t agree with his blog then don’t read it.

    • Sure, he’ll be your friend until you have a differing opinion. I wrote the long post because he believed something ridiculous. If I want to be immature then I can do that. This is my site and no one made you come here. Funny how you haven’t acknowledged his immaturity in attacking someone with a different view. AND I was quite cordial at first.

      Love is no excuse to be an asshole. Don’t cover for him. And you attempting to explain away his rudeness is just making him and yourself look bad. And don’t worry, as I said in the comment (if you took the time to actually read it which I doubt) I won’t be reading his site anymore. Happy white knighting!

      • Wow!! Beaufart, do you ever have a chip on your shoulder!! Just because you cut and paste some article from the Internet, doesn’t mean it is necessarily the truth!! Newsflash, the real truths are often kept from us! BUT, what person can really speculate exactly when the earth will be under water! The scientists are just human like everyone else, but mark my word, we are on the decline, unfortunately!! Global warming is VERY real, and I wish it were true that the hole in the ozone layer was not getting any bigger, but unfortunately, with so many people on this earth, that are not concerned about preserving our earth, (recycling, getting away from vehicles that run on gasoline, further paluting our planet, it is not looking good for us! It’s only a matter of time before man destroys everything. Now this will most likely not happen in our life time, Animals are becoming extinct. All of this kills me, as the life that God has given to each and everyone of us is his gift to us and we are destroying it. I work hard to do my part everyday, but I am only one person. Everyone MUST get on board and do their part, in order to stabilize this deteriorating situation that we have created!!

        Everyone needs to stop being a part of the problem, and be a part of the solution!! Instead of name calling, we all just need to work together to improve our earth for our future generations! This includes unnecessary killing of animals, whether it be for their ivory, or antlers, or killing sharks, for their oil so we can make cosmetics, cutting off their fins and throwing the shark back into the water, alive, only to drown shortly thereafter, is absolutely unbelievable, and it is only done in the name of money!! There is no regard for the consequences, this ALL MUST STOP. I also do my part by NOT Supporting any company that makes products in this way, and I only buy my cosmetic items from a company that specifically does not do this, and brings awareness to this issue, and donates part of there proceeds towards making this kind of thing illegal!!

        The moral of the story people is to be a lover not a fighter, so grab a mitt and get in the game (of life), together! Stop fighting each other with slanderous words, and join together for the greater cause, the gift that I call life! It’s worth fighting, together, for!


      • It’s people like you that keep things exactly the same, no change, no improvement! It’s very unfortunate! You have the stage, you should be making a difference in this world! I try to make a difference every single day of my life! That is my Thank You, to God, for giving me life. Everyday is a gift, we need to educate and make people realize this and make them want to step up and do their part! Please focus only on the positive only! The greater cause!

      • Is this a comment or a thesis paper. If you can’t make your point in a paragraph then just stop. It’s plain to see that any questioning of the official (and absurd) line on climate change draws hysterical attacks from eco-fascists such as yourself and your dear Spencer.

        Nice “let’s all be friends” bit at the end. Now who’s the one with the chip on their shoulder? All of a sudden you’re right and everyone else is wrong? I won’t do what you say because you say so. Sorry to disappoint.

  7. Spencer angelvedt has a webstore “Angel pickers” and As I browsed it, I discovered he’s selling Ivory for hundreds of dollars! Which honestly seems rather hypocritical. his website’s down but here’s a link to the google listings

    • Thanks for the share. Very disconcerting that an activist who claims to support animals would take part in the sale of materials that have directly to the endangerment of a species.

      But of course I’m sure his fans will think of some kind of excuse for it.

  8. I first encountered Spenser when he left a comment on my blog. He claimed to have stumbled upon the post and had been upset by its content. Seeing as the post was called ‘Goose Hunting In Scotland’ I feel its pretty likely that Spenser is the kind of twat who sits at home looking for things to be offended by. I too commented on a couple of his posts, he always responded with abuse, and when my experience was not the same as his conviction deleted my comments.

    Spenser says:
    ‘Well until I hear a hunter say he/she is going to track down the sickest and thinnest dear to end its suffering by killing it, then I will continue to know that they kill for fun and use excuses to justify it’

    I commented that where I hunt we are trying to ensure the health of the herd (fallow in the uk) and so of course we shoot the sick and the weak first

    Comment deleted

    I feel Spenser will remain in the ‘aspiring’ category of model and actors for some time, and sadly the ‘Douche Bag’ category of humans for longer than that. Do you think he has an eating disorder?


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