Posted by: beaufortninja | May 11, 2012

British Man Beaten Down in Beijing (and he deserved it)

Recently, a video has surfaced on China’s Youku and spread like wildfire. The video shows a drunk British man who appears to be in his 20’s, sexually assaulting a drunk Chinese woman in public in Beijing. The foreigner is interrupted by some passersby and a fight ensues. The video cuts out and comes back in after the British man has been pummeled into unconsciousness while some people try to prevent others from continuing the beating.

However, this isn’t the first time this particular guy has been seen by Beijingers engaged in inappropriate and criminal behavior. At least one netizen so far has offered photo evidence in what has become the beginning stages of China’s infamous human flesh search. The human flesh search is the practice of trawling the internet for information and photos of people who cause mass offense to the online community.

The most recent photo (available at the end of the post) shows the British man standing uncomfortable close to a seated woman on the subway, slightly leaning his pelvis towards her. The netizen who posted the photo had this to say:

“I am at the subway station, fuck, this society is totally messed up. These foreign bitches sexually harass women on the subway; pushing his erection against them, totally disregard others. He just harassed 5 women, finally, he just directly stood in front of that little girl.”

The Beijing police also got in on the action and released a statement on their official Weibo account. From Beijing Public Security Bureau:

“Last night, a video on Sina Weibo showed a drunken man sexually assaulting a woman near Xuanwumen subway station, was stopped by pedestrians which attracted many attentions. People also have asked us for more information.”

“After investigation, on May 8, 2012, 11pm, a foreign man was sexually assaulting a woman in public after alcohol consumption. Pedestrians reported it to the police, and the police arrived to the sense in time to capture the man. The police detained the man until he was sober, and he is now in custody and under investigation. This man is British citizen with travel visa to China. This case is currently under preceding in accordance to the law.”

Whenever I see stories about foreigners acting out in China, American or not, it embarrasses me. I wouldn’t have felt bad at all if those Chinese guys had really murdered that Brit. It would have served as a good lesson for others who think they can come to China and do whatever they want. This guy, from what I’ve learned of him, is a scum bag, and he deserves worse than what he got. Good riddance. Hopefully, the cops will throw him out.

View the original video here:


  1. What a bastard. What a misogynistic prick. The fact that he’s just staring at the guys in the video like, “Huh? What? She’s fine,” while she’s crying her eyes out is appalling. I hope he pays for all the crimes he committed against these innocent people. Those poor women.

    • No word on punishment yet. But, I’m sure he’ll remember that beating for the rest of his life. Hopefully the cops deport him. But if he’s got some money then maybe they’ll just give him a slap on the wrist. >:(

    • Not a fair comment, as he didn’t rape her and your not sure,,,,, If he did then he gets whats he deserves and should get more………He may have been out all night with her, had argument, maybe Girl Friend, may have paid her money like many KTV hookers that night, whom knows as both are drunk,,,,I live in China and mrried to one and love the place,,,,,,but I seen many Chinese men do the same, girls come out of bar drunk, they steal there bags, rings, phones, watches, and sexually assault also……..and the reason, most dress like hooker or are one… China is a land of KTV girls and disgusting and all should be beaten up

      • Read my comment again. I never said he raped her. These actions from ANY MAN are uncalled for. I never said, “Kill the fucker!” or “Send him to prison for life,” either. He should be punished as is just. Just because a woman dresses a certain way, they deserve to have their personal boundaries bypassed? She didn’t look dressed over the top in the video, and the fact that she was screaming and crying is a definite indication that, “Whoa, hey. I should back off,”should have been his first thought. Drunk or not. Maybe he shouldn’t have been beaten to unconsciousness, but he should NOT have been trying to fuck a woman in public on a bed of fucking geraniums.

        Don’t assume I’m a feminazi and want his testicles on my mantlepiece. Men are blamed for a LOT of things, but his actions were unacceptable.

  2. That video made me want to simultaneously cry & vomit. It’s sickening. That poor girl was distraught. I hope that guy ends up in a Chinese prison!

    • No way. Send him to a work camp in the deserts of Xinjiang. That’ll teach him.

  3. Someone put the video on Youtube so I stuck it in there.

  4. “I wouldn’t have felt bad at all if those Chinese guys had really murdered that Brit.”
    You need to chill. The guy is probably drunk or maybe even insane. He should be punished for any crime he may have committed, but certainly not a death sentence.
    You are coming across as a blood-thirsty rabble.

    • Sexual assault is sexual assault. This scumbag is a repeat offender and has been documented numerous times sexually harassing the local women. The law failed to take care of him since police are usually lenient with foreigners. So, vigilante justice prevails. And quite frankly, this is my blog with my views and if I want to come across as a “blood-thirsty rabble” when a sexual deviant tries to force himself on a women in public in another country then I will. Sound good? Great.

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  7. Can’t agree, british may be hated, but they sure as s**t hate americans the same,if not worse. Other than that pretend to be canadian? I wager that guy is NOT even British, not at least, by birth.

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