Posted by: beaufortninja | April 13, 2012

Martyr’s Park

Martyr’s Park is the latest stop we’ve made in our tour of Guangzhou’s parks. I was quite impressed! The plant life is much more tropical than that of Yuexiu and it seemed to be cleaner as well. There are statues all around, most of them are situated around a massive tomb called the Tomb of the 4 Martyrs, which consisted of a large earth mound enclosed in a traditional Chinese wall with lion figures lining the top. There are a lot of steps since the area is very hilly so go here if you’re looking for a nice place to exercise.

There’s a small skate park, what passes for a skate park in China anyway, where some Englishmen were shooting a video. I’m pleased to say that they were some of the first white foreigners to say something pleasant to me! I was like “Oh, sweet! That’s rad!” when one of them did a trick on his skateboard. One of the guys gave me a thumbs up and said “Cheers, mate!” in that charming British accent. I knew there were some other decent white folks here!

There are several landmarks to see that are worth visiting for. There’s a nice little monument to Sino-North Korean relations which is interesting because last time I checked North Korea got over a million Chinese soldiers killed and hundreds of thousands wounded and China didn’t get much in return except for a bunch of heroin and refugees smuggled over the border. Right across from that is a monument to Sino-Soviet relations which is also interesting because I guess everyone here has forgotten about the Sino-Soviet border conflict in the 1960’s. Hmmmm… There’s another interesting area devoted to heroes of the Guangzhou Communist Rebellion in the 1920’s which I’ll post about soon.

There’s also a very nice museum (free admission, woot!) about Guangzhou’s ancient, imperial, republican and modern history. But I’ll cover that in another post since there’s so many photos.

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