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10 Things I Hate about China

Nose Picking

This is disgusting. People just pick their noses in public and no one bats an eyelash. What’s up with that? First of all, it’s just plain unhygienic. Second, it’s rude. Third, well…it’s just gross and I don’t like it. Plus, I know for a fact that all Chinese people carry tissue with them in case they need to use the toilet so I don’t accept the excuse that a student gave me that they had no other choice. This is China. People have tissue.


There is trash EVERYWHERE. Why? Because of a peculiar case of mass social apathy. How do you get rid of some household trash? I’ve seen numerous people just throw it out the window. At night, street cleaners come and gather up all the trash in the streets. If there were no street cleaners (God forbid) then all of China’s cities would be uninhabitable within a month. I guarantee it. No body cares. And due to a waste disposal oversight, there are no other alternatives to street cleaners. There’s even trash in national parks! I’ve never seen so many people not care about something so important. Littering is my only real bugaboo it really makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Bad Manners

A quick trip to and from Hong Kong will show you everything that’s different between most Western countries and mainland China. People push and shove, and despite all the talk about family and community Confucian values, no one cares about each other on the mainland. Go to Hong Kong where people are courteous and accommodating in general and see the difference a few decades of foreign culture makes. It’s actually turned me into a worse person. When people try to push past me or cut in front of me in a line I grab them and toss them aside. Meh. When in Rome…

Air Pollution

When most people think of China, chances are they probably imagine factories churning out billowing clouds of noxious fumes and in some places, that view is spot on. It’s a rare day in Guangzhou when the sun is shining and the air is clear. In fact, in the past 30 days I can count on one hand the number of nice days we’ve had and I believe I’ve developed a form of acute bronchitis or something. My nose is often clogged up and I’m always horking loogies. Much like the Chinese men I’m around.


This is China. You will almost always be surrounded by crowds of people. At first, I felt suffocated by them. But now I’ve managed to tune them out for the most part. I’m usually so tuned out that I don’t even see them. I see shapes around me but not people. That’s the only way to bear living in a mega-city I think. In addition to the crowds, you also have to deal with the noise. There is always noise here. Deal with it or go crazy.


I’m going cold turkey on youtube and facebook (despite the fact that I hate the latter) and even though I can see them through a slow proxy, it would still be nice if the CCP wasn’t so insecure with itself that it felt like it had to block all the best foreign websites. I understand why it did it. (To give domestic websites a chance at success and not because the foreign sites wouldn’t block stuff the CCP doesn’t like because they do that for other countries.) But it doesn’t mean I have to like it.


I’ve had college graduates in class who were unable to find China on a map which is embarrassing and makes me a little angry. I’ve had students who think that the US intentionally bombed the Chinese embassy during the war in Kosovo. I have students who routinely praise Mao Zedong as being the greatest leader in China’s history. Ignorance, and blind nationalism, which can also be found in the states although it’s much less zealous than what I’ve found here, are cancers of society and whenever I encounter it I feel both angry and sick. Angry that the public education system failed these people and sick that one day these people might be in a position of power.

Construction Standards

The fine, lead-based paint in my domicile comes off with the gentle rub of a finger. Also the walls are plain concrete with one layer of paint slapped on. Also, there’s no insulation to keep the heat outside in the summer and the warmth inside during the winter. Guess they overlooked that part. Also, 50% of the surfaces in my house are tile which ensures that I’ll be waging a never ending war against mold during the warm season in tropical south China.


One of my greatest fears is being involved in a hit and run where the driver breaks every bone in my body and drives away while the passersby leave me to die just like that little girl in Foshan. Drivers here are the worst I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I’ve been to New York City, Los Angeles, even Puerto Rico, and no drivers are as rude, reckless, or downright stupid as Chinese drivers in mainland China. My mother would have a heart attack if she saw the kinds of traffic I’ve had to cross.

Other Foreigners

And at last, I continue my crusade against Guangzhou’s other foreigners. Maybe it’s not that bad but I’m still continually disappointed and disgusted with the other Westerners I come across. It’s recently come to my attention that there’s a group of Americans who go around jumping over beggars on the street. Just jumping over their heads as they kneel on the ground, pleading for money. On top of that, whenever I take the initiative to greet a fellow expat, I usually get ignored or they pretend not to notice me.

I guess that about does it for things I hate about China. Did anything get left out? If you’re in China then let me know what bugs you the most!

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  1. I particularly agree with the foreigners part. When I was in Taiwan, I just saw the foreign expat community as people who couldn’t get what they wanted back home and exploit their ‘foreign-ness’ in a country that practically make them feel like a star. They don’t particularly have anything goin for them back at home, but once they found themselves in such a country, bang! they suddenly find themselves the centre of attention.Even the kind of girls that hang around the foreign guys, the 西餐辣美, are just as bad.
    Of course not all foreigners are like that, but there is a huge majority of them!

    The nose picking, maybe i’m use to it because my own family does that, but at least you havent heard people farting in front of you! Wait till you get to that level lol

    • I forgot to list peeing and pooping in the streets! No one should ever get used to that. I had a mom let her kid pee in a trash can in the metro station!

      • I saw a mum telling its kid pee into a coke bottle fright in front of me…the chinese will slowly but surely learn…very slowly

      • This * 1000. I watched some woman let her kid take a dump at the very top of the escalator in RT Mart! WTF is toilet training?!

      • I saw one father have his son pee in a sacred ancient cave’s water.

      • In Beijing, I saw a little stand at the top of some steps leading to the entrance of a restaurant and pee on them. A couple of years later, in Shanghai, I saw a mother stand her little boy (perhaps three years old) up in the middle of the moving subway car and let him pee on the floor.

    • but farts are funny! and keep a mirror with you so once they start picking, flash that in their face and they can see all their nose picking glory for themselves. how they like them booger apples.

    • China Sucks Big time, I’ve been all over the world and China is so far the worst place on earth, Pollution, this past month the air quality index for Shanghai was as high as 560, 34 times above international limit, food poisoning, disgusting what they do with the food, cadmium in the rice, arsenic in the water, duck anus in cooking oil, the list goes on and on.
      Most Chinese people are so racist, against themselves first and against the entire world, the things you see in China are unbelievable, from eating dogs and cats to Chinese people eating endanger species such as Seahorses on stick or sharks.
      A week ago I saw a couple of grandparents having their grandson taking a shit right in the middle of the groceries store, yes, besides the apples and carrots, why not?
      Never heard so many lies and stupidity before in my entire life, for example the city where I lived, Suzhou, the Chinese media call this city “Paradise on earth” Nothing less, “The Venice of Orient” Really? Air quality index is an average of 384 points, so polluted! the city is very modern but everywhere you go you can see poor Chinese older ladies cleaning up the floors with a tiny piece of towel, having to crawl on their knees, or older people going trough the garbage cans looking for cardboard and cans, nothing wrong with hard working people but the locals, the middle and upper class in China treat poor people like garbage, so mean to each other all the time.
      Cheating, lying, being dishonest is totally OK over here, not shame at all.
      Oh God! I could keep on going, the list of atrocities and disgusting things going on in China never ends.
      I have a huge respect for all the hard working Chinese people, however, over all I think China Suck big time.

      • Why dont you go try living in india then since it much better there

      • Yeah india is much better huh

      • I hear you but to be fair the entire Chinese population cant be blamed for every thing that happens in China. Chinese culture is pretty shocking. They are pretty uncivilised but they dont know it. However they are improving and China has just opened up 30 years ago which means that it has just modernised and become civilised (despite all their talk that they are the most advanced civisation on this earth. Complete bullshit, every thing about China is backward. I dont have time to list them all but you get my point) so give them time. Having been to China, lived with Chinese people (esp mainland chinese people) I think overall they are fascinating and very admirable. I love their attitude about life in general and how they are willing to learn and adapt and how successful they have become because of their attitude and hard work. However, what I dont like are their hatred of each other (btw HK, SG, Malay Chinese and other parts of china) and how HK, SG and Malay Chinese hate mainland Chinese and other Asians, and the ABC hatred for other Asians whom they term FOB. I have seen every thing and it’s awful. It’s all bullshit and I wont tolerate it. I live in Australia and having seen the ugly end of Chinese behaviours for 30 years, consequently I will now only socialise with white people ( whom are very polite) and the occasional educated, cultured and clean, non aggressive Chinese.

  2. Well,i have some curiosities too:
    When Egypt and Libya started with the Jasmine Revolution,i started hearing some news that in China would be a new one too,at least,in a minor scale.I started wondering with one chinese friend living in Beijing and we had a conv about this.First of all,i thought that in China they wouldnt know this,or at least,with all the details,but what a surprise that girl knew it.Well,i told her that i was worried about what could happend,due to the Tiananmen killings,and the rumors to use a big police force to suprime any small intention to strike.She told me that she wouldnt participate in any kind of those strikes,but the polce didnt make nothing bad when she and lot of people protested in front of the US embassy some time ago.Well,that same girl told me about the military training for students,that those must not consider “militar”,it would be something funny,like a summer camp with boyscouts… So when i have read the topic of Ignorance,i just remembered this.That girl seems not to be a stupid,and in some way she is inteligent,but…

    About the topic of Other Foreigners,maybe you and few people consider that just being “outsiders” of a country is the enough reason to meet and talk or chat with unknown people that you can meet in the street/metro/anywhere in China or other countries.I dont know if thats the actitude of the people of your place of origin,but let me tell you one history of my father.

    I guess you still remember im from Spain(and im still there ) jeje.Well,my father and my whole family is from Salamanca,in the middle and west of Spain.He had for work reasons to live in the Basque Country,in the north.And he told me that meanwhile in Salamanca he can go to a soccer match and talk friendly with the viewers he have around him,-and after the match normally they wont meet again except by coincidence-in the north when he tried to do the same,people looked him strange,saying him:Do i know you?,or the first reaction was surprised,ignore,or puzzled.And in the south of the country,even you can find sometime someone that can talk you his life in the bus stop in 5 minutes,meanwhile here all people have poker face,or out of reality.

    So i guess that depending of the procendency of the foreigners outside China,you can meet mostly with the kind of people you hate.I have the theory that the friendly foreigerns maybe are from countries with good temperatures,but im afraid in those countries english isnt the mother tongue-as my case lol-and people doesnt do any kind of effort to learn it or practise it.Just a theory lol.

  3. Ignoring construction standards and traffic (I’ve seen worse of both) – the other 8 annoy the crap out of me too. Actually I’d also like to nominate – people who smoke in lifts (I’m a smoker and this pisses me off – so I hate to think what it’s like for non-smokers), and leaving bones in the meat when they cook – I hate that so much it cuts down on what I’m prepared to eat here so drastically, because I hate having a lacerated gob when I’m finished.

    • Construction standards- I hate the paint they use here. Comes off with the rub of a finger.

      traffic- meh.

      smoking- Seems like a fad. People do it because they think it’s cool, then they get addicted.

      bones- avoid the fish!

  4. Lmao! Great stuff! :lol:

  5. The racism. Took my wife (Who’s Korean) to RT Mart the other night. She wanted to buy a hair straightener. She bought a Philips one, and the lady just THROWS the display model at her. That’s it. We asked if they could put it in the box. And she very rudely and abruptly responds with “Mei YOU~~~~~!” Then ignores us. So we thought that there was only one left, the display model, and that there was no box for it. Which was still retarded because in any other civilized country, if you buy the display model, you would get a discount.

    Next day we walked in there, and I noticed as we walked by that section of the store, another hair straightener (same brand and model) on display in the same place, and a CHINESE woman buying it, and them giving her a boxed model.

    • I’ve had a few run ins with racist people but nothing too bad. My wife usually gets the “at least you didn’t marry a black man” comments.

  6. When I was seven, my uncle and I were driving back when a motorcyclist rammed into our car. Uncle de chuan went out to talk, and, being young as I was, I went out, too. They got to heated words, and, well, to spare you the details, The guy left after uncle de chuan had a black eye, and there was blood trickling from the side of my mouth when the guy saw me. I was crying, and my uncle was so mad he didn’t talkto anyone the rest of the day.

    • It does seem like older Chinese guys have an anger management problem. BUT, if it ever happens again, and the guy starts screaming at you, just scream louder. It’s like how animals try to make themselves look bigger to scare away their opponent.

    • You and Beaufort are too kind, really.Use your Laowai size advantage if applicable. Knocking them on their ass when required works for me.

  7. Japan is the only place to live in “Asia”. It is civilized, people have class, are polite, and they have respect for the people around them. Chinese have a “victim mentality” …. they always blame others (Japan / US) for having to live in a dirty uncivilized place. they think they can buy respect internationally … they are sorely wrong.

    • Great input. Money can only get you so far while actual substance can take you the whole way. But the modern culture revolves around money with people trying to get rich as fast as they can how ever they can so change in the near future seems unlikely.

    • well… they haven’t quite gotten over nanking, they’re still super pissed about that. that’s the extent to which they hate japan. i think the main problem lies in the government censoring everything all the time. i have compassion for them, they don’t know any better. and they’re so brainwashed that they will jump if the government jumps. it’s like with north korea, except with a semi capitalist society. the shit china does behind closed doors would shock so many.

    • I’ve heard someone say that (even after the tsunami) the lowest pollution level is 2. here, well even without the big catastrophe, well lowest, 47 or something.

    • That’s true my brother!

  8. All the things listed are definitely annoyances to most foreigners living in mainland China. I hate it when I complain to a colleague and he/she comes back with the line ‘If you don’t like it, leave!’ That is such a simplistic solution. There are things tying me to this country (wife and son), so it’s not so easy when you consider the fact that my wife has to wait for close to 17 months just to get a visa to leave (which we are in the process of doing!). I have enjoyed my experiences here, but no doubt I am so ready to get out of here. The Chinese education system needs serious reform if they are to every change the state of affairs. It will take a long, long time before the people catch up with all the other developments.

    • Agreed. It’ll take several more decades before the culture catches up with modernization. Some things here make me crazy too but overall I think I handle it well. I actually enjoy most of my time here.

  9. I hate my china’s chinese because of the traditional lifestyle they must pass down to the rest of the overseas chinese. For example, all children are forced to call every relative by his/her respectful title just because it’s a traditional practise. Fail to do so will have all your family banned by the surname clan. It doesn’t make sense to call people without wanting to communicate with them in the first place. Why can’t you just leave me alone as so I can develop my individulism. fuck off.

  10. I’m currently up in Harbin, which was a fishing village before it became an international city with mostly Russian architecture in the early 1900’s. Now it’s pretty monolithically Han, who despise their betters, which is just about everyone: Japanese, Westerner, Russian, etc. It’s pretty weird to walk along these pretty streets and find the city’s character eviscerated by the Chinese passers-by, who have none. Like Changchun, where Japanese architects left a bit of charm, but the streets are filled with barbaric Han. These dongbei cities will never be the Paris or NYC of the East, because you cannot wave a magic wand and make empty uninteresting people into people with character. It’s not just buildings that make a great city, but the unconventional people you can encounter. Good luck with that here. Plenty of places to go shopping though, if that’s your intention.

    • Good point. The government seems to think that shiny new buildings are what make a country modern. But that’s just part of it. It’s also about the national mindset.

  11. I do horribly hate Chinese. They speak in a loud voice in public.
    They try to steal everything. Pooping/burping/peeing in public is disgusting.

    • I do try to allow everyone to say their piece but I don’t appreciate blatant racism. This is your only warning.

  12. 1st world and 3rd world nation;

    1911/1949: PUYI to chicken mao

    1930s 1940s invaded by japan…

    1950s 1960s..chicken mao killed 40-60 million…

    china is one large 3rd world…




  13. I lived there for 15years (Beijing, shanghai, hong kong) I can not stand them anymore!!!!!! I came home finally a month ago, the people are racist, dirty, rude and I became a nasty person to be around. To do anything there takes so long nothing is easy to do (as they mess up all the time) the hookers and stupied western men that pick up with these “girls” when they are clearly being used. I agree with everything u have wrote they are VILE!

    • If you lived there for 15 years then there must have been something you liked. There are things here that drive me nuts but for the most part I like it. And it sounds like something happened to make your feelings so strong.

      • If u live there for so long u would feel as strong! I am here 8 months and I hate all about china !

  14. I have been working here for almost 4 years and I plan to leave next summer. At first I was fascinated by Beijing, Shenzhen and Chongqing but the uncivilized behaviour and the selfishness have taken their toll. I wonder if Mao did this to China or if they were this uncivilized at the peak of their culture 2,000 years ago?

    • Well, I’m a Taiwanese. I think Communism destroyed all the goods and left all the bad of the old China. Just come to Taiwan where you won’t find any archaeological sites but you will find the remanence of traditional Chinese civilization.

      • RIP Republic of China, I agree with you. I spent a lot of time as a teacher in Taiwan, and two years as a diplomat in Mainland China. I admit that in Taiwan, things went easy for me because the people who introduced me to the country were locals who had lived in America, and I speak, read, and write Chinese. I admit I became simultaneously more critical and more appreciative of Chinese culture in my time there.

        As for the Mainland, I saw it from the security of the diplomatic cocoon; but I think that the Communists probably did a lot of harm to what was better in Chinese tradition. I’ve heard a lot of people from other parts of the world that experienced Communist rule complain about how “liberation” made people a lot worse.

        Further, I read a lot of history. In the late 19th century, Taiwanese were seen as a bunch of rude and crude forntiersmen; but 100 years later, Taiwanese are rather civil, and the folks in Beijing are boors.

      • While the Taiwanese are leagues ahead of their northern cousins, they still share many of the same selfish, racist, ignorant behavior. At least they don’t deficate wherever they please.

  15. I wonder why you came up with only 10 things u hate about China. I got sooo many reasons. But most of all:Tibet. Get outta Tibet. Rite Now. Retarted Chinese people. Somebody drop a bomb on them.

    • No, the author was spot about the why he hates China and Tibet isn’t one of them. Do even 1% of people know anything about Tibet situation? Is the story really “big-nasty-communist” oppressing “good-peace-loving-monks”? Somehow, any intelligent person should know there is more to it than such a simplistic view. And how come those people who support a free Tibet movement don’t also support a free Palestine? How about a free Inner Mongolia? Free Northern Ireland? Free Hawaii? OK I am getting carried away, but let’s put things in perspective. It’s fine to support Tibet, but learn the history first, rather than act on instincts.

      And while I am at it, I am an animal lover and I am also disgusted when people eat dogs and cats. However, those who eat cattle should also examine their own behaviour. Is it moral to kill a cow or chicken? Have you people seen what commercial farming is like in the US? Hell on earth. It’s not that big a deal to be a vegetarian you know. Try it.

  16. Yet you are still there. You can’t explain that!

  17. I am currently living in Shenyang and have to agree especially the other foreigners’ part… I think the only thing you forgot was the honking of the horns! :)

  18. Hate the fact that they eat cats and dogs and support the black market trade in endangered species….disgusting.

    • They’re eating some species to the point of extinction … Tiger wine ? Really ?

  19. What I hate is the Chinese blatant exploitation of endangered species. They are the main buyers of Ivory, rhino horns, Tiger Parts etc.
    It is disgusting…along with the horrific way in which they take the fins of sharks and toss them back to die a painful death. They seem to have a very real disregard for animals or animal suffering. I know some western people eat cattle, chickens and other animals bred for consumption, but these animals for the most part are slaughtered humanely, I hope. Torturing dogs to ‘tenderize’ their flesh, and raising St Bernhard dogs to eat, is completely barbaric. The consumption of a type of wild cat in rural China also caused the SARS epidemic!! Keeping bears confined for life to suck dry their gall bladders. I can go on and on. IT’S ENOUGH!!!

  20. I agree with everything you said, except, do you work in the upper echelons of the US military command? How do you know for sure the US did not intentionally bomb the Chinese Embassy in Kosovo? The truth is no one does, but it’s not hard to understand why the Chinese people are highly suspicious of the explanation offered by the US. For all we know, the US was either being a dick and wanted to rattle the Chinese, or perhaps the embassy was destroyed on the basis of the Chinese abusing the use of ambassadorial protocols to carry out anti-US operations in the area. To say that the Chinese people are ignorant because they believe in the former is no different than the Chinese people saying the Americans are naive about their own foreign policies. But your other stuff, spot on (though I never heard about the “jumping over the beggar” thing; that’s rather mean, is it really true?).

    • I can’t claim to know everything that the US government does. However I did do exhaustive research of the incident and found nothing that insinuates the US did it on purpose. I presented those findings to the student and used it as the basis for a lesson about seeking the truth out for your self and not parroting back what you hear from others.

  21. “On top of that, whenever I take the initiative to greet a fellow expat, I usually get ignored or they pretend not to notice me.”

    Are you actually going up to random white guys and saying, “Hello there, I’m white too, what’s your name? Let’s be friends.”?

    Dude. Stop that. It’s embarassing. Seriously. Be cool.

    • I used to give a polite nod if I made eye contact. However I eventually stopped since about 70% of the foreigners I’ve met here have been a bunch of twats. Almost always Canadian.

      • How could you tell they were Canadian? You shook ’em down for passports?

  22. China needs to improve, but this the northerners will often do such this things, but I also think this is very improved in China, as a Hong Kong citizen, I feel that this looked everywhere Chinese tourists in Hong Kong, II feel very uncomfortable~but not all the chinese will do like tat,

  23. I’m living in China right now and I can’t wait to leave! My husband and I are stuck here until the end of his contract. The bad manners are what really piss us off. For me, it is mostly the staring. Everywhere I go, I feel like a circus freak. When I first got here, it didn’t bother me so much, I kind of felt like a celebrity. But it’s getting terribly old now (been here for a year and a half). For my husband, it’s the way they block the entire aisle at the grocery store and don’t move at all to let you through. They don’t care that they’re in your way. We really don’t like the “push and shove to get where you need to go” mentality.

  24. The animal cruelty absolutely makes me sick to my stomach. I know it happens in quite a few places but China does seem to be the country on top of that list or at least brought to the forefront in the news I read. So as an avid animal lover this is one huge reason I will not be going to China, unless it is to help with the animal rights.

  25. They drove out one of my foreigner classmates with stupid gossip and rumors and cyber-bullying just because she offended one of the “rich” kids, and the school wouldn’t do anything because they’re so afraid of offending the bureaucrats.

  26. They drove my friend out of a school there with nasty gossips and rumors, and justified it by saying that she’s been posting tweeting things online, which is stupid, because she never did anything like that. Then they bugged her phone and hacked her computer, and posted all HER private conversations online with her picture and name. Talk about cyber-bullying. Instead of discouraging these behaviors, the teachers blamed her for offending a rich bureaucrat’s kid.

  27. You sir don’t know anything about China, i’d say the majority of the Chinese people behave way better than you. I dare you swear that you’ve never picked your nose in front of other people, that you’ve never farted in front of other people, that you’ve never been disgusting you worthless piece of white trash.

    • Chinese people are generally ignorant and arognant, but in time it will all back fire upon them…everything is money, status and power.

    • Uh oh. Could this be a wumao posting butthurt comments on my blog? Nice try buddy but I’m nowhere even close to fitting the definition of white trash. China’s in a modern cultural dark age and everyone knows it. Even you.

  28. Well, I agree with most of your points but I have never seen foreigners doing things like that in Mainland so I can’t really comment. And racism can get quite bad if you’re not East Asian or white. It makes me feel embarrassed when I see other Chinese people act relatively barbaric outside of China, I mean it’s not that bad acting like that in our own country but doing things like that in other countries just give us a REALLY bad reputation.

    Though I have to say that young Chinese generation (under 30) who’s studied or travelled abroad are much polite and more modernised. I also think that China’s historical preaching has always taught us to be respective and polite, but for the past 200 years we have fallen behind with the modern society and people became who they are today! I believe that our ancestors would have a Godzilla style face palm if they ever see Mainland Chinese people acting like that! I honestly hope these kind of social behaviour will be vanished in the next 2 generations!!

  29. Hey guys. First, let’s assume you are not those white trash who only have to judge others to find your dignity. I am Chinese and I have lived in China for 25 years. I totally agreed with the 10 bad things. But I hate the education system, corruption, food safety problem and self-racism the most. I am leaving this country soon. God bless China :)

  30. Goggle how they treat dogs ( skin them and boil them while alive to eat them ) and you will know why i hate them, yes we eat cows,pigs etc but they are killed first it is not the fact that they are eaten it is the sadistic cruelty. I advice any animal lover not to watch any videos showing their treatment i wish i had never watched it.

    • A very low percentage of the population eats dogs. Most people I’ve met are disgusted by the practice. My gripes are real and have merit. You however just sound xenophobic.

  31. I am also an expat living in guangzhou, my experience with china is the same as yours.

    About the rude expats, i think its true. China does that to you. I have come to hate people after living here for 3 years.

    I have a drivers license in china and i am driving in the same moronic way as the chinese do, cus if you dont youll just get left behind and as you know nobody cares about anybody

    But when im in hong kong its totally different, all expats in hong kong are friendly and “normal”

  32. I have so many reasons to hate bj! one of them I am model look blue eyes blonde beautiful girl, I am so tired of those ugly china girls give me dirty looks and say I should eat and other suck cuz they fleeting jealous and I am so tired of man stare like stupid is so annoying I am tired of those low class people here is not the city bad is low people make is so suck! I am tired of those “people” spit everywhere even animals are more clean! pollution and other things will be the last things I could complain about … for decent western person life here is a hell as china people is impossible to live with! jealous, liars, they just care about money, they eat everything what can move, even pigs more clean! Its a cancer on earth !

    • Oh shut the hell up you ugly white European monkey. You blonde haired blue eyed Nazi apes are uglier than sin. Han Chinese women are among the most beautiful in the world. And no Chinese man wants your ugly cow ass.

  33. You are a cry baby. Sure, China is a dump, but what country isn’t? Corporations aren’t going to stop going to China because of the quick money, so my suggestion is that you should just get comfortable. There will be no jobs in the West in a decade, and all governments will be happy to let exploitable foreigners immigrate to pay the pensions of the elderly.

    • Really? You’re supporting corporate greed? No wonder the U.S. lacks jobs and are moving to China because of people like you.

  34. I have stronger and much more reasons to hate China. They are idiots!! I have seen them with my own eyes. If anything is to be evil, then they are the ones. I take the lead in hating them and they will pay for their stupidity!


    • dont forget the 100 day crackdown. once im back in the west, its time to start kicking out the illegal non visa chinese trash. fairs fair.

    • But who is really to blame for all this. you must stop for a moment and understand that China was for many many years an isolated country. they shut themselves off from the outside world. They became a communist country and it’s only been in the last 3 decades or so since they entered the world stage. They have endured years of silly brain washing. Their old leader Mao ripped the country apart and made his so called red guard literally destroy 5000 of Chinese history.
      So in my opinion you can’t really blame the ordinary Chinese people but those who wield the reins of power. they are the ones who should really be held to account. no proper education to start with. The Chinese people have always been denied real knowledge and truths of their own history and much of that of the outside world. censorship is another thing that will not help the country in the long term. China really needs to address a lot of issues and learn to move forward peacefully. I think the prime minister is trying to change China for the better and one of the issues he seems to be tackling is corruption. but time will tell. I disagree with the bully boy attitude that China has shown in regard to some of the smaller countries close by.
      China has a lot to gain and also a lot to lose. It needs more openness and transparency and learn to resolve many matters in a more diplomatic way.

  36. I have stayed in Southern China on several occassions lasting many months.
    The classist attitude of the middle classess are sickening. Never have i seen women looking down on their own countrymen with such distaste.
    I could not handle the constant lying and boasting of the women and the attitude that they seem to think they are special. This is from all ages not just the young ones.
    Also capitilism is in their blood. Communist Government but capitilist citizens.
    The west can learn how much capitilsm destroys the soul if they look at China. Now with the economic rise comes more depravity of the human being as they are capitilists to the core. Money is their God. So sad.

  37. I FUCKING HATE CHINA!!!!! No human rights, no animal rights…they are sooo cruel to animals. they have no respect what mother nature gave us!everyewhere dirt, no moral, they are sooo dirty and they look soo creepy ugly with their fat face with small eyes and stupid grin

  38. Chinese hates Hong Kong and Taiwan because even the smallest players in the surrounding region can achieve a much better society. Since Mao, Chinese always worship dictatorship and the whole damn world should rotate around peking like Newton’s law.

    As the allies of North Korea, they are still brainwashed to hate the entire modern developed world (the west, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore) and will not hesitate to call Taiwan HK Singapore the traitor of China or western imperialist dogs. Their system is fascist sugarcoated by an old commie flag and their manner can be compared to the bloody Hun.

    • I have studied a lot of history and have concluded that official China is a pitiful spiritual colony of 19th century Germany (another up-and-coming country that exported a lot of its best people to the USA)–its mindset flitting between the poles of socialism and jackboot nationalism.

  39. How about the fact that they use gutter oil to fry their foods?

  40. Haven’t the time to read all posts so might be duplicating some replies but my pet hates are in public places when not only nose picking goes on. Nail clipping, ear probing, toe jam picking. Also loud guttural spitting. People yell at each other even though they are a couple of feet apart. There is no consideration for anyone else. Traffic horns too loud and used as an excuse for driving skill. They are used indiscriminately at all hours of day or night. Getting off the train onto the subway platform is a pain as they all barge on not matter if you are old, hold a child or are pushing a baby carriage. Zebra pedestrian crossings are only there to concentrate pedestrians so that they can be run over more easily. Smoking in general and those people who do not think about others by smoking in restaurants and elevators no matter how many signs there are. The apathy of the rest of the people who ignore people who do not comply. Cars parking across walkways and easy access ramps, they really do not give a flying…about anyone else.

  41. China nowadays is the most polluted city i’ve known ..they don’t care about their hygiene or some proper manners of waste disposal..That’s why they conquer other territories in order they could have enough land for their own..they don’t care if the seas get polluted or even endanger species died.. I feel sad for them because they don’t live anymore to the ideals of confucius..

  42. Don’t forget that they, kill pets and other animals to make fur coats and countless cannibalism in open markets -_- They’re disgusting!! I shudder every time i here anything about Chinese. I used to think they were neat culture when I was younger and naive (LOL), but after growing up more and hearing all their dark secrets..Ugh! They are cruel people.

  43. I am an American that has lived in China for over two years. I feel that a lot of the comments and hate on here is a result of not knowing many actual Chinese people, or much about Chinese culture. For example, have to ever noticed the little dots and dashes on the sidewalks and even in the subway stations? Have you ever wondered why those were there, or have you ever found them to just be really annoying? They are there for the blind. When they walk on flat ground its dashes, and when they get to an intesection of some sort, it turns to dots. This is just one example of things that you may just not understand about China.
    Although China has it’s problems, what country dosent? One of the things about living in a diffrent country is accepting their culture, and not judging them for it. It’s true that a lot of people will throw their trash on the ground instead of throwing it in a trash bin, but this is something that is obviously somewhat acceptable in their culture or people wouldn’t do it.
    One more point I would like to touch on. The way people drive is obviously diffrent from the way we drive back in the states. Did you ever think about the sheer number of people that are driving in China versus the United States? If people in China drove the same way we drive in the USA the whole country would be one huge traffic jam. I am not excusing not stopping for pedestrians, because I don’t agree on that, but it is just how it works here.
    I think the biggest part of living in China as an expat is your attitude. If you decide to be upset becuase these people have a diffrent way of life than you do, you need to remember this is not your home. You shouldn’t be upset over the fact that the Chinese people live in a way that is acceptable in their culture in their home country. Remember you are a guest in their country, not the other way around.
    If you don’t like living in China, you could always go crazy and, oh I don’t know….. Leave?

  44. I am an American that has lived in China for over two years. I feel that a lot of the comments and hate on here is a result of not knowing many actual Chinese people, or much about Chinese culture. For example, have to ever noticed the little dots and dashes on the sidewalks and even in the subway stations? Have you ever wondered why those were there, or have you ever found them to just be really annoying? They are there for the blind. When they walk on flat ground its dashes, and when they get to an intesection of some sort, it turns to dots. This is just one example of things that you may just not understand about China.
    Although China has it’s problems, what country dosent? One of the things about living in a diffrent country is accepting their culture, and not judging them for it. It’s true that a lot of people will throw their trash on the ground instead of throwing it in a trash bin, but this is something that is obviously somewhat acceptable in their culture or people wouldn’t do it.
    One more point I would like to touch on. The way people drive is obviously diffrent from the way we drive back in the states. Did you ever think about the sheer number of people that are driving in China versus the United States? If people in China drove the same way we drive in the USA the whole country would be one huge traffic jam. I am not excusing not stopping for pedestrians, because I don’t agree on that, but it is just how it works here.
    I think the biggest part of living in China as an expat is your attitude. If you decide to be upset becuase these people have a diffrent way of life than you do, you need to remember this is not your home. You shouldn’t be upset over the fact that the Chinese people live in a way that is acceptable in their culture in their home country. Remember you are a guest in their country, not the other way around.

  45. I’m so happy I found this post, thanks for sharing your opinion of the country I’ve made my home for the last 2.5+ years. I have lived in the USA and Brazil also and also visited 10+ other countries for days/weeks at a time including places like Nepal, India, Thailand, Turkey, Germany and France. I know all to well how difficult it can be to navigate in a foreign land where people and cultures are different from your own.

    From the title of your blog “actually kind of enjoying it” it would seem you are trying to empathize with the people and actually understand them, which is why I’m bothering to post some counterpoints to some of your “hates”. Let me start by saying that there are things in China that aren’t great and should be corrected, the lack of personal freedoms (press, religion, and general decent to name a few) are really terrible and I condemn those and many other things about China. But I hope you’ll understand some of what you are saying comes across as unwilling to understand how things work in China. Let me address a few of your points specifically.

    1) Trash. I live in Suzhou and go to Shanghai and other parts of China frequently. I’ve been back to the USA several times while living here and have found quite the opposite. Going from Suzhou to NYC, Indianapolis and Columbus OH, I’ve found that the intercity areas of the USA are truly filthy and graffiti’ed and just generally gross. Trash and worse seem to be everywhere and the people are sloppy and unkempt in many parts of any large metropolitan area in the USA. Keep in mind Suzhou has 6 million+ people and Shanghai 20+ million people. With the super narrow Chinese streets and the huge congestion everywhere in Shanghai I’m AMAZED that they can keep the city as clean as it is most of the time. It comes down to an ARMY of street cleaners and small mostly 3-wheeled vehicles rather than large trucks to navigate the streets and because of the cost of labor it is a mostly efficient way to clean up such a huge area.

    I’ll also say that the quantity of trash generated by a single Chinese person has to be about 1/10th the amount of trash generated by a typical westerner. They don’t waste almost anything and the mass of garbage they throw out is truly tiny compared to a typical Western family. In the USA we had 2-3 large trash cans that we wheeled out to the curb once per week and we filled them up most weeks. Here in China we share two very small trash bins with 7 other families and I’m always shocked that no one else ever seems to throw stuff out compared to the amount of stuff we are always piling in there.

    There is a lot of apathy among the general population when it comes to trash, but trash is not left where it it thrown, it is picked up by profit motivated workers. Try this, drink a water bottle and place it on the street or in the train station or somewhere, then watch it for 5-10 minutes and see how long it is until someone comes around and picks it up off the street for the recycling deposit of 1 mao (1/10th of one RMB). People are motivated to pick up quickly to earn a living and that isn’t a bad thing. Society here could do better and people could put things in trash bins, I agree, but overall I don’t think the city is any dirtier than any other city of this size, and it is much cleaner than any I’ve seen in the USA or South America. Go to Sao Paulo or Bangalore for a while if you want to see real filth.

    2) Bad Manners: It isn’t bad manners, its a lack of understanding of how things work in China. Have you been on the bus or train or metro? Elderly and young kids and pregnant women especially are always given seats readily. I’ll never forget one of the first weeks I was in China when a 20-something punk (as I called him) pushed past me to get on the bus and get the last seat that I thought I deserved. I was angry like you because of his bad manners. Imagine my surprise when he was the first one to jump up out of his seat when an elderly lady came aboard at the next stop. It isn’t bad manners, it is DIFFERENT manners. They don’t queue up like the west and they don’t honor “lines” like we do, but they do have manners. They generally won’t flip people off or get “road rage” when they are cut off in traffic and remain remarkably calm in the face of what would be a “road rage” incident on a Western road. But more on that below. Have you ever tried to pay for a meal when Chinese person is in the group? It’s almost impossible because it is bad manners to split the bill or allow someone else to pay. Just because you don’t understand their manners, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Their value system is just totally foreign to you because you know.. you’re a foreigner!

    3) Over population. I’m amazed you are in China… why did you move to a city of 25 million people to then turn around and complain about them all being hanging around you all the time. You presumably aren’t serving time in China as part of a sentence for some crime and weren’t drafted here, so why complain about all the crowds. Yeah its noisy and crowded, but any city of that size will be the same way. I think this belongs firmly in the “I don’t like cities” category. Maybe you should move to the country. There are plenty of places in China where there are very few people. If you are a country boy maybe you should live in the country not one of the largest metropolises on the planet.

    4) Censorship. You don’t even understand why they censor, it isn’t to give Chinese websites a better piece of the market, it is so people won’t be exposed to differing points of view for historical events, political views and thoughts on democracy/freedom. If you don’t like it just go get Astral, it works great and costs like $10 per month. Really it is inconvenient but it is certainly manageable if you really want your Youtube/FB/Netflix.

    5) Ignorance is a 2-way street. Rather than being angry at some people’s ignorance why not try to figure out why they believe the way they believe. Being angry and ignorant about someone else’s ignorance is just… ignorant. Do you know why there is no tipping in China? Do you truly understand why people praise Mao? Why do people put up with such an undemocratic way of rule? Try studying WHY and you will have more empathy for them. I’d recommend watching the BBC production called China: Triumph and Turmoil if you have no patience for books and such. If you really want to get into the why then I’d recommend “The Unknown Mao” (a scathing condemnation of Mao but really revealing too), and there are lots of others I could recommend.
    Do you know why Chinese students have all but photographic memories when it comes to numbers or wrote memorization, yet can’t solve simple creative problems? Do you understand why their education system is the way it is? Nope… you have not thought to educate yourself on this point, so you condemn it instead. Lift yourself out of ignorance and you’ll much better appreciate your own students!

    6) Construction Standards. You get what you freakin’ pay for man! There are places that are not as bad as you describe and China has some amazing superstructures. You are living in a hole not because of CHINA but because of your own decisions. Why don’t they have insulation in a concrete building that houses several thousand people in a place near 90% humidity that is hot in the summer? Ask around, there is a reason for it. You can live in insulated, A/C filled places with carpet and western-standard construction if you want. This isn’t a “China problem” but your own personal choice. Maybe you should look around for a nicer apartment… they do exist for those with the means to rent them.

    7) Traffic. Yes Traffic is a huge problem, check out the Jan. WSJ article on Beijing’s gridlock or drive anywhere in Shanghai or Guangzhou and you know this. Luckily there are plenty of alternatives including city bikes you can check out for free once you have the card, or the amazing metro and high speed train systems. As for the actual driving… it seems crazy to you, but maybe you haven’t tried to understand it yet? I have my drivers license and drive daily in China, I passed the test myself and didn’t just pay some bribe to get it either, I actually know and understand the rules of the road and the signs. How many accidents do you see on Chinese roads as a percentage of people? I’d suggest that there aren’t that many.

    There are rules and they drive the way they do for reasons, not just to aggravate you. I won’t go into all the details but watch the traffic patterns, they get way more cars per hour down the road than we do in the West out of necessity. They have less space per car and if they can physically fit another lane in there on the shoulder or between large trucks then they will. It is called efficiency. It seems like chaos to you but look again. Did you know it is a LAW that you must merge every other car when 2 lanes (or even impromptu lanes) merge down to one? Take a look at that merging traffic next time you are calling Chinese drivers idiots… there is a method to the madness. Drive a kilometer on the other man’s roads before you go casting stones.

    8) Other foreigners. I’m here because I choose to be. I have a master’s degree and run a company, I speak several languages and am actively seeking to learn Mandarin. You know what I hate about other foreigners? The stereotypes and constant criticism of a culture and people they CHOOSE to live among. Show some compassion and give a little of the Christian fellowship we are supposed to espouse in the West. Stop being so quick to judge and step back and try to understand another people before you go flying off the handle.

    But most of all, focus on the positive. Dwelling on all the things that are so different from your homeland can cause nostalgia for your motherland, but don’t let it taint your experience here. Your time in China will be over all to quickly and the attitude you take back home with you will stay with you forever and influence others. If you hate it so much then go back home. Or maybe stay a while and get to know the people and appreciate the differences. Smile back at all those curious faces who just want to know what the heck you’re doing acting all strange to them.

  46. Here you go, my reply:

  47. I’ve been in hk on and off for the past two years and now in Shenzhen for the past four months. I think china is the most dirty filthy disgusting selfish dangerous rotten nasty pig headed idiotic society I have ever had to surround my self with. People spit piss shit fart smoke steal lie stare and will run you over with out a second glance. The air is so bad you can hardly breath but people just bury their heads in the sand. Do not trust any one here…they will steal lie cheat you in a heat beat. Really the most sickening place in the world. I cant wait to leave next month.

  48. […] Hate Post: 10 Things I Hate about China […]

  49. I dont like China as well…bad products, many of their products are dangerous to people’s health, They think they are the centre of this
    universe, talk loudly, like there is no one around them, i can hardly concentrate on a book, or a movie, if there is Chinese people there. so annoying, sorry, but I have to say this, I dont like Chia, and Chinese people

  50. I’m not racist and I know a lot of Chinese but only a very few that I actually call friends. China certainly has many problems and I must agree with most of the comments here. The first time I visited China was a huge cultural shock for me. Filthy habits like the woman who was sitting in front of me on the bus, casually picking her nose then looking at what she had pulled out, then rolling it between her fingers before rubbing it onto the back of the seat in front of her. The Chinese guy in a nice clean modern western supermarket who suddenly gurgled and I knew that familiar sound that some have started calling the new Chinese national anthem. he then had a quick look around before depositing his spit on the clean floor and walked on. I once went to a small town in Southern China with a friend on holiday and we went to use the toilets. my friend opened the door to one cubicle and said in horror, you don’t want to go in there but I had to look. the sight that greeted me almost made me vomit. the shit hole in the ground had shit all around it a few inches high. it was absolutely shocking. the other cubicles were the same.
    Another time I visited a fairly clean toilets which you don’t see very often in China and noticed a newspaper right in the middle of the floor. it looks like the guy was in dire need of a shit and did it right there on the paper. probably because the toilets were occupied. You will often see toilets that are smelling and filthy .many people don’t even bother to flush the toilet. it’s sheer ignorance and bad manners. Many Chinese drivers honk their horns at all hours of the day and night,they simply have not respect or consideration for other people and once one driver starts honking it seems everyone else just has to join in the chorus. it’s so pathetic.
    I was walking through a city centre once with my life and could not believe the sight I saw. there was this girl who had to be about 10 years or so old, dress up in the air you could see it all. she had just finished pissing on the side walk with hundreds of people passing by and what looked like her father waiting for her. Pedestrian crossings are another joke, they simply mean nothing to most drivers who carry on driving while your trying to cross. totally uneducated. But like my friend once said, that’s China and it’s not going to change for a very long time.
    The good news is,there are lots of Chinese who are clean and have good manners, they feel ashamed that many of their fellow people still live in the past and have had little or no education. Illiteracy is still a major problem in China and until the government does something to change this then it is certainly going to continue.

  51. I agree. Them Chinese people r like that in America too. They’re always so obnoxious and they dont care about their surroundings. Send them to a social skills group so they can Learn to listen.

  52. Almost everyone on this fucking page is a fucking ignorant asshole. Do you not understand that every fucking culture is different? You fucking snobby-ass Americans aren’t the only ones with bad manners. I mean Americans eat cows, however in India it is looked down upon because it is considered sacred. How is this any different then how SOME Chinese eat dog, and you guys look down on it. This whole article is STEREOTYPING a WHOLE CULTURE. Not every single person in china is fucking the same. Even though you ‘claim’ to think that every Chinese person looks the same, which is the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. If I said the same to an American, they would flip out.. Please, fucking THINK before you type / say something stupid and / or rascist about WHOLE COUNTRY.

    • If you cursed a little less Daniel, people would take your opinion more seriously. I agree with what you are saying, but your f-bombs are working against your credibility. Clearly it is hard to call others ignorant when you can’t formulate a sentence without a 4-letter word. Best of luck!

  53. I’m a mainland Chinese man. I have to say i totally agree with what you listed.

    I think all of these Chinese proplem comes from our government strict censorship. Our propaganda really did a great job on brainwash. Most of Chinese people don’t know the real outside world. All they know is what our CCTV preached to them. Most of our Chinese fellow regard US as an enemy. It’s really funny.

    I am trying to get out of this country, because i endured enough.

  54. Just 2 things I hate about the chinese.
    There extreme cruelty towards animals, this is my main concern and biggest hate.
    The other, no one cares, it’s a pure apathy, and demeaning country.
    Just select the ones that are in there right mind, and destroy all others.
    The overpopulation problem will be solved then also.
    I will never set on foot, in that morbid country.
    To hell with most of them.

  55. I’m chinese born in Beijing, moved to the US in elementry school, and visits often. A year ago I had to move back to Beijing for some family troubles and have been here roughly a little over a year. I have to say there is NOTHING racist about your post here. I have honestly come to hate the people, the culture, everything about China sickens me. I am planning to move in with my girlfriend’s family in the summer because I rather live with another family who has lower living conditions than I’m used to in the US, than to live another moment longer in China. I am very very happy no one in the US ever assumes I’m Chinese, because I do not act like them. If you’ve never been to China you would consider the things I say racist, and I even used to defend China to westerners back in the US, but never again. Uncivilized and arrogant, completely disgusting and selfish. The worst part is they think they’re the best, and are horribly racist to every other ethnicity/country, using horrible racist slangs in everyday conversation, even at my workplace in China. If you think racism is bad in US, you’ve never come to China. Everything is fake and lies, from the “homeless beggars” to the toxic chemical ingredients in tons of food that makes US’ problem with sugar look like childsplay. I can’t even have the Chinese news channel on as background noise due to the complete watery and obviously government controlled content. Education and complete overturn of the government is the only way to save this country, and I doubt they’d ever do it. I’m happy I only care about my father, and no one else in this country, or else I’d be worried for their life. But then again, they all seem pretty blissfully ignorant.

  56. I agree with all that was said here.
    My wife is Taiwanese and we are in taiwan for more few months before going back to France.

    Taiwan was a good surprise. Here is what China could have been if it was conquered by Japanese as taiwan was.
    Taiwanese people are Chinese although they don’t accept this but they have more manners. If someone is looking to learn mandarin in Asia I would recommend here instead. In Places like Taipei is possible to have a “normal” life.
    Taiwanese are highly racists (towards black people).
    *I am black.

  57. please any listening ,, exterminate Chinese ……anywhere you can…

  58. In see Chinese everyday, there ugly and stink worse than any nationality, please don’t breed with them…/

  59. Just kidding my Mothers Chinese, most beautiful woman in whole world..

  60. The constant honking of cars, motocycles, rickshaws?, etc warning us to move out of the way behind us as we walk on the sidewalks. Sidewalks! We went to Hong Kong after our trip through China and what a big difference. Lines actually exist.

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