Posted by: beaufortninja | January 19, 2012

Macau: January 2012

I had to go to Macau to reset my visa so Jen and I got up super early (5am) and caught the first bus to the border gate in Zhuhai. After a 2 hour bus ride with a bunch of loud old people we made it to the gate and went through the nightmare that is immigration. After nearly 2 hours we finally made into Macau. Like most tourists, we used the casino buses to get around. There’s a nifty little terminal not far from the border gate that you can walk to and catch rides to all the major hotels on the islands. We were starving and did a little exploring, looking for a nice Portuguese restaurant to eat at. We saw lots of the little back roads and neighborhoods before we settled on the nice (and expensive) Cozinha Pinocchio. Prices were pretty steep but the food was delicious. A single roast sparrow cost 25 Macau dollars! You might be able to get one of those for 10RMB where I live!

After that we checked out some hotels, even went inside the Millennium which I think is new. Anyway, most of the hotels are very nice but I’d have to recommend The Sands or the Grand Emperor if you want to be classy. We took a few hours to climb up Guia Hill and saw the small fortress, lighthouse, and church at the top. By the time we got back down it was time to head back to the gate and catch the bus to Guangzhou. I like Macau. It’s a small city that’s fairly easy to find your way around in and there’s tons of things to keep you occupied so if you’re in the region then it might be worth your time to check out. I’ll be going every 2 months for my visa.


  1. 2 months?! Isn’t it 90 days? Macau is where I went to renew my visa too. Quite a place!

    • I got a tourist visa that’s only good for 60 days. Bleh. I’d like to head over to Hong Kong for my visa but it’s no good for a day trip. Macau is very lovely when the weather is nice!

  2. Who’s that statue?

    • Luis Vas de Comoes (1524-1580). Famous Portuguese poet.

  3. How’s Macau’s weather right now? We are set to go there on Feb. 4 and we plan to bring bulky winter jackets but I am having second thoughts.

    • Just check out some weather forecasts about a week before you go. It’s still pretty cold in the region but at least the rain has cleared up. When the weather’s bad in Macau most people just hang out in the casinos until it looks better.

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