Posted by: beaufortninja | January 17, 2012

Douchebag of the Week: Jeer Brower

Recently, a group of Ron Paul haters on facebook hatched a rather clever and underhanded plan to discredit Paul at his rallies in South Carolina by dressing up as Ku Klux Klan members and letting the media report that Paul and all his supporters are racists. Why would they do this? Surely no sane person would try to discredit the only presidential candidate with a squeaky clean record and who has laid out clear plans on how to fix the country while his rivals are too busy counting corporate cash, right?

Wrong. Brower and his douchebag friends are all part of the “Stop Ron Paul 2012” Facebook group. They’ve become famous in the political world practically overnight for being stupid enough to post their KKK plan openly on the internet. Of course, it didn’t take long for reasonable human beings to notice how crazy it was and the group was reported and people shot some warnings over to the Paul campaign. Kudos to the Capital Free Press for that. The KKK post was deleted but luckily some forward thinkers took screen caps of it before the cowards tried to hide it. Check it out!

Brower quickly became the target of internet vigilantes and mere hours after they had deleted the post, his Facebook inbox and twitter account were being flooded with angry messages. Soon after, he posted a status saying “Someone has hacked my shit.”

Not only does Jeer Brower deserve to be mentioned today. But also Chris Collins, Mike Maytag Bradley, Sharon Lynn and Rex Foster. All are equally worthless individuals and are undeserving of participating in the American political process. The post goes on to call for volunteers and the douchebag runner-up says some noise about how they should “show the world the truth about the type of ilk that supports Ron Paul.” That’s funny. Because all the statistics that have come out show that Dr. Paul has more support from non-white voters than all the other Republican candidates, over 25%. So that automatically negates any assertion that Ron Paul panders to white supremacists.

But Jere Brower doesn’t believe in facts or statistics. He believes whatever his good friend Herman Cain tells him. Oh? You didn’t know that? Yes, they’re bfff’s. ( Brower has made some outrageous and unsubstantiated claims that Dr. Paul wants to legalize child prostitution and stop kids from going to school. He’s claimed that people who support Ron Paul are “clinically insane” and harasses celebrities like Kelly Clarkson who voice their support for his campaign. He actually accused her of wanting to burn crosses becuase she likes Ron Paul. LOL wat? Following his exposure he did what all rats do when they’re confronted. He hid. Deleted his Facebook page and dropped off the grid for the time being.

Let’s look at Brower’s political record. He’s a rabid Herman Cain supporter. I’ve said my piece several times about how much I hate Cain and given several very clear reasons why everyone should. Overlooking the fact that he sexually harasses anything on two legs, and the fact that his vaunted 9-9-9 Plan was going to tax Americans by as much as 200% more, and the fact that he was a failed businessman but tried repeatedly to make himself look like the money messiah, and the fact that he was a well-documented racist homophobe, I’m sure there were some good qualities in the man but for the life of me, I can’t see them. He’s also voiced his support for the candidacy of Donald Trump. Anyone who knows anything about the true history of Donald Trump knows that he would turn America into a 3rd world country overnight. So yeah, Brower isn’t allowed to have a political opinion. He’s lost the privilege.

This is not the first time that Ron Paul has been targeted by establishment puppets. A week or so ago the media swarmed over a video attacking Jon Huntsman which was alleged to have been made by the Paul campaign. It questioned Huntsman’s motives because he adopted Chinese and Indian daughters. The video was debunked by an independent analysis which came to the conclusion that the video was most likely produced by Huntsman supporters in yet another effort to make Paul’s campaign look racist. Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul, was also targeted during his senatorial campaign. An Obama campaign volunteer dressed as a country bumpkin and carried around racist signs and actually got the Louisville Courier Journal to present him as an actual Rand Paul supporter.

Best of Jeer Brower (warning: vulgar language and insanity)-


  1. Good gravy! This is absolutely atrocious. I’ll admit, I’m still undecided as to which candidate I’m going to back at the moment. All the game-playing really has me quite disgusted with the whole thing to be quite honest. That being said, however, the type of idiotic & immature behavior on the part of people such as those you mention in this post that literally make things up out of thin air to try to smash any candidate is highly annoying. It detracts from what should be the primary focus of any campaign/election. That focus should be squarely placed on enabling the citizens of the United States of America, through strict adherence to the facts only, to make an informed decision regarding the person(s) they truly believe has the leadership skills to achieve what’s best for our nation as a whole. Speaking for myself, I’ve grown very weary of candidates that fail to recognize that there is, indeed, a vast difference between their own self-serving personal agendas & an agenda that would be for the betterment of the nation & its citizens. It’s “We the People”, not “Me the Candidate”.

    • But see, your problem is that you’re thinking like a rational human being. Think like the usual political candidate. It’s all about money. How many promises can you make? How many of them can you break but still get reelected? How much corporate cash can you get? That’s what most of them think of. All you have to do is a little research and you can find tons of skeletons in the closets of any politician. The only one who doesn’t have any is Ron Paul and that’s why the media is trying so hard to pin him with something. They keep bringing up racist newsletters which were debunked a while back.This is the first presidential election I’m really paying attention to and I’m already becoming disillusioned.

  2. R.P appears to be the only candidate that doesn’t have to think to hard to say what he wants. Based simply on watching the debates, he is by a long-shot my favorite. Where did this slant come about that he is racist?

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