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The 5 Chinese Elements of Personality


Water is represented by the color black and the stillness of winter. Just like winter, water is linked to quiet reflection and the conservation of strength and energy. People who have water as their dominant element would rather eat salty foods and are peaceful and introspective, preferring to think deeply alone rather than be sociable with others. They can be stubborn and resistant to change. They value privacy and usually don’t share there thoughts and feelings with others. People who don’t have enough water typically lack good common sense and have a difficult time making decisions, often giving up easily.


This element is represented by the color green and symbolizes the renewal of spring. Wood is most commonly associated with youth and growth, as well as the making of plans and decisions. People whose dominant energy is wood have a preference for sour foods. They’re usually driven and assertive individuals which may make them appear argumentative and hard to get along with. These people are very idealistic and believe in doing things the right way. However, they are capable of being understanding and helpful individuals. People with little wood have difficulty in forming their own opinions and are easily manipulated by others.


Fire of course corresponds with red and the heat of summer. Fire energy is associated with openness and abundance as well as powerful emotions like love and happiness. Fire people have a preference for bitter food and tend to be
optimistic, energetic, and wildly unpredictable individuals. These people usually have strong opinions and are risk takers. They’re passionate and love excitement and change. However, like fire, they can be destructive and may harm
others with their short tempers. People with little fire worry too much and have low self-esteem.


Earth is represented by yellow and is related to late summer, a time of harmony because all things are in balance. Earth people prefer to eat sweet foods, enjoy collecting things, and love to decorate their surroundings. Slow to change their minds and slow to anger, like Mother Earth they project an image of comfort and stability. People with earth as their dominant element tend to be easygoing, caring and nurturing despite being overprotective sometimes. People lacking in earth energy sometimes ignore the advice and opinions of others and often break their promises.


This element is represented by the color white and is tied to autumn, the time when you must decide what is most important and prepare for winter. People whose dominant element is metal like spicy food and tend to be systematic and refined, but are sometimes viewed by others as distant or anti-social. Metal people operate best in disciplined, organized environments. They like open areas and prefer simplicity. Too much clutter or decorations makes them
uncomfortable. People who lack metal have a hard time making difficult decisions and speaking their minds.


  1. This sounds like you copypastad it from somewhere

    • Based on a lesson plan I had to write. Sounds pretty official, right?

  2. I like the way that there are so many aspects of Chinese life to look at – I’m not sure I always understand them either. So thanks for this, it was illuminating.

  3. That was really interesting. I assume an individual can have bits and pieces of all these elements? Water seems to fit with a few exceptions as does Green…and some sprinkles here and there of the others.

  4. This is great info – I knew a tiny bit about some elements, but not all. Thanx for this post. Which ones do you think you are?

    • Allegedly, everyone has an element that is dominant and one they are deficient in. I’d say my dominant element is water and the one I’m weakest in might be fire. :/

  5. Someone thinks this story is fantastic…

    This story was submitted to Hao Hao Report – a collection of China’s best stories and blog posts. If you like this story, be sure to go vote for it….

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