Posted by: beaufortninja | January 8, 2012

Why Iran Feels Threatened

Western countries have effectively declared war on Iran with the continuous sanctions and oil embargo and Iran would be completely justified in striking back. But as we know, the media would still portray them as the bad guys. The US and Western countries have destroyed Iran’s economy and crippled the only remaining moneymaker they have left. I’m talking about their oil of course. The value of their currency has plummeted by over 30%, effectively destroying the lifesavings of the people, inflation is spiraling out of control, and the government has been forced to scale back its social welfare programs which were the only respite many felt from the economic hard times.

Yes, I know Iran has a repressive government but just look at who is being hurt the most. It’s always the common people. These sanctions that the US and it’s allies are so fond of always cause untold suffering. Look at what 10 years of sanctions did to Iraq in the 1990’s. 100,000 children dead because no one could sell medicine to Saddam Hussein’s government. And now the same thing is being done to Iran.

And for what? Because of a report released by the IAEA that media outlets and corrupt politicians (Santorum, Bachmann, Romney) misquote to support their push for an imperialistic foreign policy? The report does not say that Iran has nuclear weapons. It doesn’t even say that they are working on nuclear weapons. The IAEA found NO evidence of any nuclear weapons production. Could Iran be making nukes? Possibly. But why would they want them? Surely it couldn’t be because of the adventurism of the most militarily powerful country to ever exist? Iran is surrounded by American forces.

Imagine you’re the president of Iran. You have a superpower that has been Iran’s sworn enemy since 1979 surrounding you. They supported a corrupt authoritarian government in your country in the past. They encouraged a neighboring country to attack you and supplied the enemy with the latest and deadliest weapons of the time. They attacked your vital oil industry in 1988 and received no punishment in an international court of justice. They also killed 290 civilians when they shot down one of your passenger jets. In 2003 you offered a “Grand Bargain” to attempt to mend relations but the superpower spat in your face. Then they begin to make regular incursions into your territory, violating your soil and sovereignty. Your country is a key oil exporter, but in a bizarre twist of fate, has massive energy shortages. So you seek to build nuclear power plants with the help of the international community. The superpower doesn’t like that and slaps more sanctions on your country and has black ops soldiers and spies running rampant in your country, murdering scientists and destroying entire research facilities.

Sound farfetched? Well all that is 100% true. That’s what Iran is so mad about and that’s what the US media conveniently forgets to point out. Iran is surrounded by nuclear-armed countries, most of which aren’t very friendly. You’ve got Israel, Russia, Pakistan, India, China, and American nukes stationed in Europe. And if you take a quick look at history you’ll notice that countries with nukes are never attacked. Coincidence? Libya and Iraq had nuclear weapons programs but they were convinced or forced to give them up. And look what happened.

So is it any wonder that Iran wants a nuke? They feel weak in the face of so much pressure, economic and military, so they act like a cornered animal. They make a lot of noise but it’s mostly just bluster. What if the US was in the same position? How would we feel if America’s economy had totally collapsed and China was threatening us? What would these war-mongering politicians say then?


  1. So true, Well done!

  2. “Yes, I know Iran has a repressive government but just look at who is being hurt the most. It’s always the common people. These sanctions that the US and it’s allies are so fond of always cause untold suffering.”

    I agree with this. I’ve seen it there myself, and in Cuba, and other countries. Though I understand the end goal of sanctions, unfortunately it’s the citizens who suffer, not those in power.

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