Posted by: beaufortninja | November 20, 2011

Newt Gingrich Shows His True Colors

Newt Gingrich says that the Occupy protesters need to “get a job and take a bath.” Nice. Just as I was overlooking his bad moral character when it comes to his personal life (he has a lot of trouble keeping his dong in his pants), I hear about how he was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to whore himself out for “green” energy, most notably the hilariously retarded ethanol industry.

Newt is out of touch with the majority of Americans and has forgotten what it’s like to not have money. He says of OWS, “That is a pretty good symptom of how much the left has collapsed as a moral system in this country.” Hmmm. Is that a fact? Because from what I’ve seen, it’s the right who has wiped it’s ass with America and had the balls to blame it on someone else. Just look at the people the GOP is trying to field. Perry’s burnt. Cain’s a laughing stock of the political world. Santorum’s a religious fanatic with an IQ smaller than a stopped up toilet. Bachmann’s a baby factory with a roaring chasm where her brain should be. Newt’s a sex hound who turns blue in the face if he goes a day without porking somebody new. What have American politics come to?

PS. Did you see the video of that campus cop pepper spraying those students? If there’s a cop who deserves to see the gallows, it’s him. Revolt already, Americans!


  1. Not sure if you saw it or not, but Anonymous has already targeted the pepper-spray cop.

  2. Gingrich is on a book tour, and using donor dollars to do it. He wasn’t a serious candidate to start but I htink the old ego has surfaced! He’ll give it a run now, but, as he always does, he’ll shoot himself in the foot before long.

    How are you?

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