Posted by: beaufortninja | November 12, 2011

Got Married

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while but I’ve been really busy getting settled in and starting my job. I got married on the 8th. We went to the American consulate in Guangzhou which was kind of a nightmare. There’s so much running around to get the different documents you need and I saw some of my countrymen having the worst day of their lives. There was this guy who lost his passport and visa! Waaaaaaah! Anyway, I got my certificate of marriageability which ensures that I’m not already married in the states, then we headed over to the marriage office where we had to wait some more, sign some papers, and then we took some awesome wedding photos. They just threw some clothes on us. If you look close at some of the pictures you can see that I’m still wearing my sneakers. But the photos are beautiful and I thought I’d share one!

I’m posting by email since China is still being a fun Nazi by blocking WordPress. If you left a comment and it went to spam or it’s pending then I can’t clear it until O get someone to do it for me or I get free internet access. I’ll try to update again tomorrow after I go looking for an apartment!


  1. congratulations… welcome to my world….

  2. Gratz again JimmyJam! You guys look wonderful and of course I wish you all the best of romantic adventures and discoveries together. Cheers!
    – SumariTime

  3. Awesome man! Congratulations! I wish you guys the best.

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