Posted by: beaufortninja | October 28, 2011

Jason Voorhees vs. Michael Myers


This is a match up between 2 of Hollywood’s most famous antagonists. Jason of the Friday the 13th series and Michael from Halloween. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses but seriously, who would come out on top? Here’s some info on each to help you make your choice.

Jason Voorhees

Kill Count- Approximately 189

Weapon of Choice- Machete, bare hands

Number of Films- 12

Interesting Facts- Mentally retarded, only known serial killer to kill in space, seems to be immortal, been to Hell, only serial killer to ever kill someone by beating them to death with a sleeping bag with another person in it (albeit in a computer simulation, see Jason X).


Michael Myers

Kill Count- Approximately 87

Weapon of Choice- Kitchen knife

Number of Films- 10

Interesting Facts- Psychopath, had mommy and daddy issues, has a thing for clowns, inhuman indestructibility, is really into sorocide (killing your sister), moves like a shadow in the night.

If you’ve got a different answer then let me know in the comments!


  1. Michael Myers wins. He’s pure evil. You can’t kill a concept.

  2. Just on brute force alone, Jason would win. A butcher knife won’t be effective at all and Jason’s arm and weapon have a further reach. If it came to blows without weapons, Jason would pull Michael apart. The only one who could effectively take out Jason would be Freddy simply because he has the ability to inhabit his mind and even this didn’t work all that well as we saw.

    • Hey I completely agree with you

  3. I haven’t removed the debate, at least not permanent. I was wanting to focus more on Halloween and ghost stories, so, since it was my turn to post, I listed it back as an unpublished draft. Once I get done with all my Halloween and scary story/ghost story posts, I intend on putting it back up with my response to your 2nd response, and then it will be back up on the very top of my blog. Look for it to pop up Tuesday morning again, ready for your new rebuttal/statement.


    • That’ll have to be the last day since I’m leaving the country on Thursday.

  4. I voted for Michael Myers. He scares the hell out of me. The thought of him scares the hell out of me. Kids on Halloween dressed as Michael Myers scares the hell out of me.

  5. We picked Jason…because after all…He can kill someone with a sleeping bag…no contest

  6. michael will win he had a gun a killed police with it pistol

  7. michael is indestuctibility so he cant die

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