Posted by: beaufortninja | October 25, 2011

Beast of Bray Road

There are ancient Native American legends about a half man half dog creature that was encountered by French explorers who gave it the name “Loup Garou.” Reports have been filed with authorities since 1936 in Wisconsin and Michigan where there have been numerous sightings of a large, hairy, werewolf type creature. The creature has been spotted walking upright as well as on all fours, is built very powerfully like a bodybuilder  and is covered in long hair, causing some to question whether or not it could be a misidentified bigfoot-type animal. It’s been described as having a wolf-like face or like a german shepard with pointed ears and has 3 claws on each hand. Most reports say it has glowing yellow eyes and stinks of decaying meat. The description of the Beast of Bray Road is almost exactly the same as the Michigan Dogman and given the geographical proximity of sightings, many believe the creatures to be one and the same. Interestingly, many eyewitnesses describe it’s growl as if the beast is saying “gadarah”. One explanation for this alludes to a possible demonic origin, as Gadarah is the name of the site in the bible where Jesus encounters a man possessed by the demon, Legion. Spooky!

Most of the evidence supporting the monster’s existence is based on eyewitness accounts but also includes mysterious hair samples and footprints. One of the first recorded sightings by Westerners was in 1887 by two lumberjacks who saw the creature and described it as having a man’s body and a dog’s head. In 1938 in Paris, Michigan a hunter was attacked by a pack of wild dogs and said that the largest one in the group walked on 2 legs. Several more reports came in from neighboring counties in the 1950’s and there have been many more in recent years. Learn more about recent sightings here. The most conclusive evidence to date, the Gable film, was recently admitted by its creators to be a hoax but sightings continue to come in of large humanoid canids roaming the forests of the northern Mid-West.

The Beast of Bray Road has achieved celebrity status among many Americans in the region, being the subject of numerous TV shows like Lost Tapes and Mystery Hunters, and has even had an entire music album made in its honor called “Legend of Michigan’s Dogman” by Steve Cook. I wouldn’t advise being out in the thick woodlands of Michigan and Wisconsin after dark!


  1. You need to do a profile of ManBearPig

  2. What’s up with those photos? I’ve seen some strange things on trail cameras but most could be explained away. I can’t think of a good explanation for either of those. Glad I don’t live in Michigan or Wisconsin!

  3. That second photo is terrifying. It looks absolutely real, like this thing exists.

  4. nah its just me when im pissed off! i turn into that thing and eat ppl hahaha!!!!

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