Posted by: beaufortninja | October 4, 2011

The Secret Motives of Western Education

This is an interview about the alleged hidden agenda of the Western education system that started during the Cold War.

Did you make it through all that? It starts out a bit slow but it’s very interesting to hear how she went through all that Cold War craziness. This may explain in part why most of today’s activists are from younger generations. None of the older people in my family seem to care much about the turmoil going on the US and are very passive about it while I’m very involved in learning more about the issues and spreading the word. Could that be because of a difference in education systems? The Cold War system was designed to produce America and democracy loving people who believed the US government was immaculate so that wouldn’t be too much of a stretch, would it?

Are Western schools still factories to mass-produce unthinking drones? I don’t think so. Although at one point it likely was. Instead of the kids becoming mindless husks due to shady government plans, now kids are being destroyed by lame pop culture and bad parenting. In the end, I’m not sure if this woman’s testimony is true or not. Regardless though, it gives me a lot to think about. And as I’ve told my soon-to-be-wife, I will always ensure that my children know the truth about what’s going on. Or at least as close to the truth as the average person can get.

Do you believe what she says? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Part of the reason I quit teaching recently was due to what I was seeing the classroom. We are dumbing down our youth as we make them concerned about national test scores instead of thinking on their own and thinking outside the box. Trust me, thinking outside the box is NOT rewarded in public schools anymore. And we didn’t spend time teaching Social Studies and Science in our elementary school, and you know why? Because it is not on the test and therefore we don’t have time to waste teaching it. I spent hours upon hours testing and retesting those little first graders three times each year, instead of teaching them, just so they would do well on that national test. Growl!

  2. I posted the following comment in another post of yours, as part of another discussion – but I feel its relevant here too. so I re-added my comments here.

    I for one believe ‘freedom’ is at stake here. Not just as a national or a community but right down to an individual level. Let me give you example: I have a mobile phone, one which is known as a ‘smart’ phone and is able to do largely what a computer could do but on my palm. Few days ago, I met a friend for a sports activity. After which we went to get a quick lunch and have a chat. During my conversation with my friend we discussed many issues surrounding us today. and he made one valid point and it struck me and I have been thinking about this ever since. The point he made was, that we have smart phones which enable us to communicate with anyone at any time no matter where you are. (big) BUT have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly are these smart phones doing to us as community? It is alienating each and everyone of us and to keep us ‘as humans’ apart and segregated (divide and rule). So where as before ‘pre-phone era’ we largely use to make effort to go out of our way to physically meet our friends, integrate with our local community and shop in our local community shops pumping money back into our local economy. In other words we use to physically walk to do things and meet people. But since the birth of the ‘smart’ phone we have simply disconnected ourselves from reality and what is normal and heavily rely on communicating using texts and using so many applications to share communication, all from the comfort of our homes or where ever we are.

    He then further reminded me, that although we communicate with each other on almost weekly basis via phone (communications) but we last met each other over 13 months ago. And no once did we find the urge or decency to actually make an effort and physically go out to see each other. Now if I could go on for 13 months in not seeing my good friend and not once think I should make an effort to see him physically then how many other people have done the same with me?

    You see, my point is – governments who work closely with large technology manufactures work on the basis of taking away our basic human rights, but the worrying thing is they do it in such a way that its disguised and coated in a attractive way. In other words its an illusion which we are sold.

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