Posted by: beaufortninja | August 19, 2011

The Chinese Qipao

The qipao is a type of Chinese clothing that first showed up when the Manchu were in charge during the Qing Dynasty. The word “qipao” means “banner gown.” It was essentially one big piece of fabric with holes for arms and legs, worn wide and loose. Qipaos as they are thought of today didn’t show up until the 1920’s in Shanghai where they became more slender and form-fitting and with a high cut. 

So it went from this.

To this. Much better, am I right?

Oddly enough, the women who started wearing it the modern way were high-class courtesans and celebrities. After the Chinese Civil War, the communists tried to put a stop to the party but the fashion was spread to Hong Kong, an area outside China’s reach, by Shanghainese immigrants and has since spread back into mainland China where it’s usually worn as a party dress. 

There’s even a lingerie version! Score!

There was a guy who wrote a post about how much he liked qipaos and he got flamed off the face of the planet which is unfortunate because they really do look good on ladies. A good qipao can make an ugly woman look decent, make a decent woman look beautiful, and make a beautiful woman look spectacularly beautiful. Enjoy the pics! 



  1. The picture 3 it is QiPao? It is like AV the girl wear of flirting clothes! The picture 3 demonized as the real traditional QiPao!

  2. Whatever. It’s super sexy lingerie.All qipaos should look like that! B-)

  3. wow, good selection of girls

  4. nice blog.. however, i would have liked to see .. some western women wearing the Qipao.. to show that it isnt only for Asian women.. but .. I get it… your a man… hehehe…

    • Thank ya ma’am! I’ve been reading your blog for a while but for some reason I forgot to click the follow button.

      • I like your writing style.. and your a very interesting person i can tell by your website and the banter on your comment policy page… I have something to tell you… umm.. please sit down… oh..your probably already sitting … I am adding you to my blog roll… Yes… you are worthy… (smile).. I want others to read your wit… and thanks for reading my blog.

  5. What a lucky guy I am! =D

  6. […] The Chinese Qipao- Most people know a qipao when they see one. It’s their most widely known bit of fashion. Learn a little about its history and see some examples. […]

  7. Love the first modern Qipao pic. here-white with red embroidery and red laces, would like to use it as my wedding dress, can anyone tell me where I can purchse it? Thanks lot.

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