Posted by: beaufortninja | August 16, 2011

Charter Internet Service Still Sucks

Since my last post about this, Charter has since been to my house about 10 times. They keep sending guys out here and I have to take 10 minutes out of my day to explain that it isn’t me, it’s them who are messing my internet up. They claim to fix the problem, then bounce and leave me here with crappy internet. I call customer service who give me the usual “unplug the power cord and wait 30 seconds” bullcrap, then they say that they’ll credit my account, I get the bill which is the usual ridiculously expensive price and this is the kind of internet I get.

Worse than 92% of American internet users! I am nearly hysterical with blinding rage right now. This is like African internet! This is disgusting and intolerable. It’s been decided. Right before I leave for China, we’re switching to Hargray. They’re way better and at least they act like they care about their customers. Charter doesn’t and they deserve to go out of business for wasting my time. Charter, I will vanquish you.


  1. Good Afternoon,

    My name is Dylan Hill, and I am a Senior Social Media Specialist with Charter. We sincerely apologize for all of the issues you’ve been having with your Charter Internet speeds and the lack of support you’ve received. We can definitely help to get your concerns addressed. Please send us your name, address, and the phone number associated with the account to In the subject line, please put “CharterDylan – WordPress” and include a link to your Blog. If you would like additional information about the Social Media team at Charter, please check out our page


    Dylan T Hill
    Senior Social Media Specialist

  2. ^lol^

    a day late and a buck short, i’m sure.

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