Posted by: beaufortninja | August 5, 2011

Trouble in Xinjiang

Check this out. So there have been some “terrorist” acts in Xinjiang province in China’s far western province in the last couple days. Left a lot of people dead and many more wounded. I made a comment supporting China’s efforts on a yahoo news article and some guy accused me of being a Chinese agent (there are a lot of them posting pro-China comments on American news sites) but what totally blew me away was his complete lack of knowledge on the topic.

China tried to keep it’s terrorism problem under wraps until 9/11. After America declared a global War on Terror, China jumped in and said it had been fighting terrorists for years and most of the world was skeptical. Fighting terrorism is a good excuse to send troops into a restive province after all. But I did some research on the two main opposition groups in Xinjiang called the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and the East Turkestan Liberation Organization. Sound familiar? They have names similar to other terrorist organizations.

Both groups are allied with Al Qaeda and their stated objectives are to establish independent states and convert all Chinese people to Islam by any means necessary. In other words, they’re just the usual scumbags, worthy only of a bullet to the head. Fighting for your right to freedom of worship is cool and all but saying that you will force 1.3 billion people to accept your faith as their own or die is ridiculous and unrealistic. That being said, I hope China finds every single one of these guys and gives them a dirt nap. Terrorist scum are undeserving of mercy. Secular society ftw!


  1. Xinjiang’s history with China is almost exactly like Tibet, they are being unlawfully occupied by a foreign power. The only difference is that they’re choosing to use violence rather than non-violence to fight for independence, hence for the lack of sympathy from the west, the same thing is going on in Palestine. Both methods seem equally ineffective though. You have to understand their hardship and frustration of their plight, therefore I support them for that, even if their violent, but not for their “Chinese Islamic revolution” agenda.

  2. I understand where you’re coming from but Tibet is not the same as Xinjiang. Tibet’s freedom fighters do so peacefully but Xinjiang’s independence movement is dominated by radicals who seek to extend their emirate across the entire world. And that’s the truth. So yeah, we can let China handle this one.

  3. Fantastic views on that!

  4. […] Trouble in Xinjiang- Even China has to deal with terrorism. And no. They’re not always bullying ethnic minorities. These guys actually want to convert all Chinese people to Islam through jihad. So….yeah. […]

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